Cicada on Bamboo

Cicada on Bamboo
Cicada on Bamboo Cicada on Bamboo
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The Cicada can protect you from those with bad intentions, repressing the effects of backstabbing colleagues or betrayal from friends.

Cicadas are some of the most easily distinguishable of all insects by their brilliant shiny wings, very large size and unique sound. Some species of cicada are also unique among insects because of their ability (like mammals) to warm and cool themselves down as needed. They live the longest out of all aspects and are associated with rebirth because of their ability to rise from the ground and metamorph into new beings after many years in the dark earth. 

One of the most revered powers of the cicada is its ability to warn people of bad storms coming. This was particularly true for ancient farmers where cicadas would use a special cry for a dark, looming type of weather event, sometimes up to two days in advance. Cicadas operated as natural weather forecasters in this way and established their role as warning system for bad luck or back stabbing.

Cicadas sing the vigorously in the heat of the day, chiming in fields for all to hear. They have been revered in China since ancient times. Traditionally jade carvings of the insect were placed in grave sites with those who had passed on. As a precautionary cure you can put an icon of cicada next to a person who is near or at risk of death to help them in their reincarnation.

Cicadas are also useful to carry as a charm if there are big transformations or changes happening in your life because of their association with the symbol of rebirth. The cicada’s metamorphosis throughout life also signifies the many stages of development and transformation that one has to undergo to reach enlightenment.

In China, cicadas are further used as a metaphor for escaping danger by leaving behind a false decoy for the enemy. There is a famous Chinese phrase that is translated as “to shed off the golden cicada skin” and means to narrowly escape by use of the decoy. In the 15th century of China it was common for pins of golden cicadas to adorn the hats of noblemen.

Because of their ability to rise from the ground after long periods of dormancy, cicadas are venerated as symbols of long-life and immortality. They are known as fertility objects that can give new life the love and creation of progeny for young couples. They also said to help those who are trying to conceive for the first time or those who have been having difficulty for some time in this aspect. 

The warning abilities of the cicada are very helpful for those who are in business or very competitive careers. They help to ward off jealous co-workers or managers with bad intentions.

Known as an “amulet against politics” the cicada is a cure for protecting against bad luck in business, the actions of unfaithful friends or negative traits of employees. If there is concern about a conflict at work or in the office, place a cicada in a concealed location, such as amongst papers or in your desk drawer so that it can serve you without heightening suspicions.

Cicada’s ability to ward off the bad is also an attractive force for good luck in the office. They represent happiness because of their joyful songs in the heat of the day, and youthfulness and fertility because of their long life filled with great transformations. Utilizing a cicada in your workplace or home life is sure to help create many blessings with its multifaceted energy.

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