Buddha's Foot Windchime

Buddha's Foot Windchime
Buddha's Foot Windchime
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Weight : 130.00g ( 0.29 lbs)
Dim: 1.5x0.125x3.5 in, Lgth 10.75 in (4x0.3x9 cm, 27 cm)
Material: Metal

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Buddha's Foot Windchime brings auspiciousness and neutralizes all harmful projectiles aimed at you.

The footprint of the Buddha represents the Buddha’s teachings, and his continued presence on earth, symbolically. Paradoxically, they are also viewed as reminders of the Buddha’s absence, and the Buddhist ideal of detachment.

The Buddha's Foot Windchime is best paired with the Hamsa Hand Windchime. Hang one in the Southwest and the other in the Northwest. 


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