Bodhisattva for Sheep & Monkey (Vairocana) Printed on a Card in Gold

Bodhisattva for Sheep & Monkey (Vairocana) Printed on a Card in Gold
Bodhisattva for Sheep & Monkey (Vairocana) Printed on a Card in Gold
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Material: Metal

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Every one of the 12 Chinese horoscope signs has its own special deity to help provide powerful guidance and support. This guardian deity helps in removing obstacles, while attracting wealth luck and abundance. For the SHEEP and MONKEY, the deity is Vairocana, who is believed to possess amazing energy to help ward off disasters, ease one’s problems and to help manifest fortune and health. The deity will go to great lengths to protect and help guide the life of its charge, the SHEEP and MONKEY.

Specially designed for those born under the sign of the Sheep or Monkey, this golden talisman can be carried in a wallet or purse to awaken wise thoughts and attract career luck and mentor luck. Featured on the card is the Vairocana, otherwise known as the “Great Illuminator”. Vairocana is a Supreme Buddha and one of the five Diyani Buddhas. He presents the Dharmacakra mudra, depicting the Dharma Wheel. This mudra commemorates the first sermon given by Shakyamuni Buddha after achieving enlightenment in Sarnath. This achievement began the teaching of the path to enlightenment.

On the talisman’s reverse side, the Dependent Arising mantra is found, representing the achievement of all one’s goals and wishes.

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