Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage

Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage
Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage Bejewelled God of Love and Marriage
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Material: Metal

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Yue Lao, is a God of love and marriage in Chinese belief. He appears as an old man under the moon. There are many temples and shrines in China that worship Yue Lao. Couples wishing for a happy marriage, singles in search of love or parents eager for their children to be married come to these temples to pray to Yue Lao. For the days of arranged marriage to today’s individual search for their special one, Yue Lao’s special help remains relevant and sought after.

The good fortune of happiness in love and marriage can be activated by displaying this Bejeweled God of Love in your home. For some patient individuals, the desire is for a partner to ask for their hand in marriage. For others, the desire is for better and more meaningful luck within an existing marriage or relationship. The combination of this God of Marriage Star symbol, paired with the “Book of Love” is a feng shui representation of the joyous pairing of two people. In Chinese belief, marriage chi can ripen and improve with this God of Marriage, while those still desiring a soul mate could find themselves happy and blissful at last.

This figurine has a secret compartment where you can keep your wishes for love and marriage related matters in it. The God of Love will do his best to grant your wishes.
To maximize the potential of this item, place it in the Southwest area of your bedroom. During the year of the Boar 2019, however, it could also be displayed on a cabinet that is located in the North side of your bedroom as it's where the Romance Star #4 resides. In 2020, this Star flies to Southwest, and to East in 2021.  

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