Ametrine Money Frogs and Citrine Ball on Star of David

Ametrine Money Frogs and Citrine Ball on Star of David
Ametrine Money Frogs and Citrine Ball on Star of David Ametrine Money Frogs and Citrine Ball on Star of David Ametrine Money Frogs and Citrine Ball on Star of David
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Weight : 270.00g ( 0.60 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 3x1.75 in (Base), Dia. 0.875 in (Ball) (7.5x4.5 cm, 2.2 cm)
Material: Crystal

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This powerful Feng Shui formation is made of of six Ametrine Money Frogs placed at each tip of the star of David engraved on a glass base. In the center, there is space for one Citrine Ball. This formation of crystals is said to encourage unity, bring prosperity, attract wealth luck, as well as create good fortune for the beholder. Place it on your workdesk, living room, bedroom or office to attract good  wealth energies.

In Feng Shui, the Star of David is believed to have the ability to create a constant flow of chi which further magnifies the powers of the crystal placed on it. It is said to balance the five elements, the seven chakras, yin and yang, and energy distribution of your space. This hexagram symbol, also known as Magen David or Shield of David by Jewish, is used in many religions and traditions, some of these being Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Each religion respects this star, and reveres it for its purifying and holy properties. The six points of this symbol reminds us that God is to be found in every dimension and direction, observing and protecting.

The Money Frog, also recognized by name the “Three Legged Toad”, Chinese Frog or Wealth Toad, is the celestial and mythical creature, emerging every full moon to bring with it wealth and good fortune. It is one of the most prominent icons of prosperity and monetary gain in Feng Shui, and can often be spotted beside cash registers, receptions and owners’ desks all across Asia.

Ametrine, also known as trystine or bolivianite is a powerful stone which is a mixture of Amethyst and Citrine. As such it possesses some of the metaphysical abilities of both stones as well as its own unique properties. It has the calming, tranquilizing and soothing effects of Amethyst and at the same time energizing, cheerful and wealth inviting energy of the Citrine.

This stone is believed to protect its wearer from psychic attack, which is negative force or energy sent by someone intentionally or not intentionally to assault your aura and bring harm to you. Mentally, this stone releases depression, stress and tension and replace them with inner peace. It calms the mind and sharpens your focus for meditation. This crystal opens the third eye chakra, hence promoting healing and divination.

Ametrine has the ability to enhance compatibility, overcome prejudice and discrimination, and promote acceptance of others. An extremely energetic crystal, it enhances creativity and helps you to take control of your life. It also brings clarity, increases concentration, expands one’s perception and inspires action. Ametrine assists in thinking things through, encouraging one to be creative in plotting all the possibilities and come out with a good solution to a problem that may not have been otherwise realized. Because of this reason, Ametrine is a favorite stone among entrepreneurs, leaders and businessmen - people who are grappling with challenging problems on a daily basis. It helps you to be unfazed by stressful external problems while building optimism, ensuring your well-being despite being surrounded by overwhelming odds.

For many centuries, Citrine has been known as the "stone of wealth", "merchant stone" or "success stone", due to its potency reputed to attract business, abundance and prosperity luck. This yellow quartz is believed to serve as a money magnet, bringing business success, an abundance of affluence and good fortune luck, sometimes in unexpected ways.


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