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9 Level Green Wen Chang Pagoda

9 Level Green Wen Chang Pagoda
9 Level Green Wen Chang Pagoda
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  • Weight: 425g
  • Dim: 2.5x2.625x7.625 in (6.5x7x19cm)
  • Material: Resin

This beautiful temple is a long-used symbol of the pathway to perception. It is filled with wisdom, harmony and peace – it is for this reason that an individual who is filled with knowledge is said to persevere like a pagoda, never being flustered by anything. In Chinese folklore, the pagoda has been a tool to tame unruly characters, keeping them prisoner inside until they have attained a state of calm.

In Feng Shui, the pagoda is said to create energy and revitalize the beholder. Because of this, it is a widely used gift to those who are in school, seeking to improve their grades and study skills, as well as enhancing competence and clarity. In addition to this, the Wen Chang Pagoda translates negative energy in the area into good chi, carrying with it fortification, fame and academic luck, and a capability to move forward in your field of work.

Along with the wind chime, bagua and Wu Lou, the Wen Chang Pagoda is a potent instrument used by Feng Shui experts. The name of the pagoda itself originates from the Wen Chang star (one of the Flying Stars in #4 Green), which is believed to have the ability to alter the outcome of a student’s success, both in academics and later on in a career. For those who are in pursuit of a higher education (similar to the ancient imperial tests for officials of the Chinese court), a pagoda is said to create literary luck, allowing them to later on have fame and fortune.

However, this Feng Shui product is not only useful to those completing studies; it is reputed to bring vigilance and intelligent to working minds, creating a better business environment and outlook. It is also used to enhance health luck, due to its abilities in absorbing malevolent spirits which cause illness.

The pagoda has been used by Feng Shui masters all around Asia for the purpose of enhancing energy in the given area, as well as reaping riches for the country in question.

Each plane of the pagoda symbolizes a different meaning, and all of them together bring the best effects. There are different types of pagodas, as shown below:

5 Tier Pagoda – is an iconography of the harmony between the five basic elements (Metal, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire), as well as the protection of five directions by the mighty emperors. This pagoda will summon a large development in good fortune and luck in all leagues, while at the same time dissolving negative energy arising from the five directions.

7 Tier Pagoda – is a symbol which creates compassion, displaying the seven treasures of Buddhism and the sanction from the seven northern stars. This pagoda allows the generation of luck in the areas of wealth and career.

9 Tier Pagoda – signifies wholeness, because it brings all the qualities that one needs to be a successful scholar and working individual – dignity, perseverance and power. While bringing these good qualities, the 9 tier pagoda also stifles insecurity and negative energy.

Feng Shui tips to use this Feng Shui product and reap its benefits:

1) To create career chi and provide you with persuasion over your colleagues, display this good luck symbol behind your chair at your office. It is believed to not only give you authority, but will also banish betrayal from others, creating a better environment for your own career to advance.

2) If you are still a scholar seeking academic advancements, place the Feng Shui Pagoda either beside your bed or upon the desk where you study. This is said to help better your concentration and mental capabilities, allowing for a better memory and accomplishment in examinations.

3) Because the Northeast sector of a room is known by the Feng Shui Bagua Life Aspiration Theory to be the corner of awareness and education, placing the Feng Shui Pagoda in this sector of the bedroom will enhance educational luck.

4) According to the Feng Shui Bagua Life Aspiration Theory, the East sector of a living or dining room is known as the “Health sector”, and placing a pagoda in this corner will serve to diffuse negative energy causing disease. The pagoda is also believed to help speep up recovery from sickness; simply place a pagoda at the bedside.

5) To have protection over your home or work place, display the Wen Chang Pagoda at the front doorway.

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