3 Legged Bird for Success (Radiant Sun)

3 Legged Bird for Success (Radiant Sun)
3 Legged Bird for Success (Radiant Sun)
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Weight : 220.00g ( 0.49 lbs)
Dim: 2.25x1.875x4.125 in (5.7x4.8x10.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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Based on the Magic Square 15 Formula, the Three Legged Bird, one of the twelve symbols of Sovereignty, invokes the great power of the Sun. It is also associated with the #3 in the secret lo shu square numbers, according to the facing direction of your house. The 3-legged bird symbolizes promotion, advancement and upward mobility. Those in Management will find this charm useful when place on your work desk.

This charm is a closely guarded secret of the old Masters and now made available to the masses by Feng Shui Grandmaster Lillian Too.

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