Annual Amulet Keychain

Annual Amulet Keychain
Annual Amulet Keychain Annual Amulet Keychain
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Weight : 65.00g ( 0.14 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 2x0.125 in, Lgth 6 in (5.1x0.3 cm, 15 cm)
Material: Metal

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This Annual Amulet features a Tribute Horse with a sparking wish-granting jewel on its back, to help tap into the prosperity energy offered by the year. The Sun and Moon symbolizes that the universe can be yours. On the back of the medallion is inscribed with the Chinese symbol for "Ushering Wealth, Welcoming Treasure" and a pot of gold together with all the symbols of abundance and plentiful harvest. Carry this amulet to ensure the year is all that how you would envision it for you and more! It also helps bolster your weak Windhorse luck or Lung Ta, which is the luck for success.

It is used to counter annual or yearly conflict star brought by the 24 Mountains.

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