White Shell Guan Gong Hanging

White Shell Guan Gong Hanging
White Shell Guan Gong Hanging White Shell Guan Gong Hanging
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Weight : 55.00g ( 0.12 lbs)
Dim: 1.125x1.75x0.3125 in, Lgth 10.5 in (2.9x4.4x0.8 cm, 27 cm)
Material: Crystal

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A beautiful pendant made of white shell showcasing the majestic Kwan Kung (Guan Gong , Kuan Kong) wiping his long beard with one hand and holding his Dragon Sword (Guan Dao) in the other. Kwan Kung is the most famous military General in Chinese history. Wearing a Guan Gong amulet pendant is believed to help promote success in politics, business pursuits, welth endeavors and protection from evil energies. He is said to attract helpful people into your life and energizes family achievements.

Guan Gong, originally known as Guan Di, was one of China’s most prominent and successful war heroes. After many achievements, he was titled God of War, and bestowed with his new name (which is known to people today). He has become renowned as the “Great Protecter”, who defends politicians, businessmen and the Armed Forces. He is the bestower of equality, defending the guiltless and revered by the righteous. His use is highly recommended by Lillian Too, famous Feng Shui grandmaster and author, as he is believed to even have the power to protect again thieves and supernatural spirits.

Because of his strong history as a major war lord and guardian, Guan Gong is a desired symbol by businessmen; it is believed that placing Guan Gong behind the desk or work area will always provide support and sustenance from prominent people. It is said that no malicious intents can pass by Guan Gong, and so he is a representation of wealth-protection and safeguarding.

The Kwan Kung, because of his command and influence, is ideal for individuals in quest of authority in politics and office status.

You can hang this talisman in your car or in your office.

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