2021 Feng Shui Enhancer Kit V4

2021 Feng Shui Enhancer Kit V4
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Flying Star is said to be one of the most powerful formula in feng shui. It allows us to tap into the energy of auspicious stars to bring swiftly very positive outcome in your life's aspirations. In the period Eight (2004-2023), the five lucky Flying stars in 2021 are the #1 Victory Star#4 Romance and Academic Star#6 Heavenly Star#8 Prosperity Star and #9 Future Prosperity Star.

Good feng shui often results from activators placed in-sync with the location of annual flying stars. When these enhancers are placed correctly, good health, wealth, romance, relationship, academic and career luck will manifest!

These are your feng shui must-haves in the year of the Ox 2021 to awaken and unleash the auspicious flying stars. Offered at a value-buy price, it comprises the carefully-picked enhancers that can trigger and boost all the lucky Feng Shui 2021 stars.

Note that the Globe is not included in the Kit and you can add it from the Option Menu above for only $9.88.

$79.88 420g
The #1 victory resides in the South in the year 2021. Place the Horse here to trigger success and triumphant luck in business, at work, and in competitive endeavors.
Eight Treasure Wealth Bowl
$214.68 1000g
Wealth Star 8 blesses the West sector this year. It brings good fortune and money luck. Boost the wealth star with the 8 Treasure Bowl
9 Rank Badge Plaque
$49.88 220g
The #9 Future Prosperity Star flies into Northeast in the year 2021. Place this Plaque in the NE to harness its luck for good future prosperity and upward mobility.
Activate the #6 Heavenly Star in the center this year with this talisman to attract mentor luck and a helping hand from the cosmic Heaven in achieving your wishes. $28.88 100g
The Romance Star graces East of the house in 2021. It enhances your relationships and love luck. Activate with the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks.
Clear  Crystal Globe (l)
$9.88 400g
This item is optional. If you have school or college-going children at home, place this Globe in the East to enhance education/examination luck.


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