Revitalize your Home


Revitalize the Energy in your Home using these 8 Steps

As much as you love your home and feel it has served you well, after a certain amount of time the energy in the home may become less effective. In order to continue receiving the most auspicious good fortune that your home has to offer, here are some Feng Shui techniques to help bring renewal and refreshing energy to your residence:

Start by listing all the things you feel you might need to do to drive away stale energy, from yourself and from your home. Become motivated – visualize the old, tired energy flying out the window and fresh new energy flying in. This will be clean and auspicious energy. Set a time frame that you are comfortable with – whether you do it quickly or spread the work out over a period of time. Perhaps you will do a room or two at one time.

To make your list, become organized and spend a brief period of a few minutes in each room. Evaluate what you feel you could change to refresh the room. Think of the clutter you can remove – the minor repairs you need to do. When you have visited every room, prioritize them in order of importance. If there are other family members who will be helping you, involve them in the project as well, asking for input. If you are working on your own, decide when you will start and which rooms you will do on what time schedule.

You will benefit from doing the rooms that are the least necessary to do…first! This will motivate you to get through that work and move on to the room or rooms you value as the most important. Otherwise, you may not complete your entire task, if you finish the most important room and hesitate to continue working.


Feng Shui steps to Revitalize your home


If you can, turn one of the rooms into a “workroom.” A bedroom would work well. This will become a storage area where you can place anything you want to give away, repair or perhaps put up for sale.

You’ll need to purchase strong, large trash bags to hold all that clutter you plan to throw away! This will become very therapeutic for you and will serve as a cleansing practice. It may be hard to discard items at first but will become easier as you go on. If you are unsure about throwing something away, don’t become stressful about it. Rather than hastily getting rid of it, place it in the “keep” pile. The next time you de-clutter your home, if you still have not used the item, discard it at that time. You might be surprised at how good you get at realizing what you truly need and what you are not particularly attached to as time goes on. Getting rid of clutter is an ongoing effort so that it does become overwhelming. Perhaps you will decide to do it once a year or even more often.

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders to revitalize the inside of your home and it is advisable to do this once every three years or so. Professionals are highly recommended to do this job unless you cannot afford to pay them. If you are undertaking the job yourself, hopefully you will have family members to call upon to help you. Go from room to room freshening the look with paint and don’t be afraid of color. When in doubt it is always acceptable to use clean white, which is very yang in nature. Make sure you scrub the walls before you paint them to remove old energy. As you wash, visualize the negative energy that may have accumulated being washed away, never to return. When you paint, think of the fresh new energy you are bringing into the environment. Even the smell of new paint is a trigger for uplifting your enthusiasm.

Here’s an easy and effective way to bring new Feng Shui life to your home. Purchase a few additional lights, or lighting fixtures, whether it’s lampshades, ceiling lights or lamps. You will be surprised how much warmth and bright energy your home will experience. You can bring what is referred to as “sunshine energy” into your home by placing crystals at the windows. After you have washed your blinds or curtains, hang some faceted crystals in front of the windows which will bring in the rays of sunshine during the summer months. The power of sunshine is strong and can revitalize everything within your home – the furnishings, the walls, bedding, carpets, pillows or cushions, for example. The energy of the sunshine will bring new yang Feng Shui energy to freshen your home.

Chi rides with the wind, so plan to let some wind flow into your home. A soothing breeze can invite new, therapeutic chi to enter, so begin by opening more windows. For best results, open a window at the front of the house and another at the back so that air can flow straight through. Old, stale energy will leave and brand new energy can blow in.


Feng Shui Sun BathChoose a day when the weather is clear and the sun is bright, as opposed to one that is dark or dreary, and replenish your yang energy with a Feng Shui sunshine bath ritual. It is best to do this during the time of the Dragon. The optimal time would be during sunrise (between 7 am and 9 am) but you can also choose to do the ritual at a time in harmony with your Chinese zodiac sign, as listed below:



Time of Day      Chinese Animal Signs   Sunlight Amount
7 am – 9 am Dragon, Monkey, Rat The sun is rising
9 am – 11 am Snake, Rooster, Ox Sun is shining a bit brighter
11 am – 1 pm Horse, Dog, Tiger Sun moves higher up horizon
1 pm – 3 pm Sheep, Boar, Rabbit  Sun is higher yet in the sky



  • To begin, stand for a brief time – perhaps 3 minutes – in your garden or on your balcony and start to immerse yourself in the sunlight
  • Remain relaxed but also be alert to your surroundings. Pay attention to cues from nature and all that it offers you.
  • Look for signs. If you see or hear a bird and it is singing, this may well indicate a new opportunity unfolding. It may also mean good news is flying towards you.


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