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June to July 2017 - Monthly Flying Star Feng Shui Forecast 2017
5th Month of the Fire Rooster Year

Watch out for the Northwest sector because #5 Misfortune Star meets the #2 Illness Star this month! This highly malevolent star combination brings bad luck of a catastrophic magnitude.

There are two numbers in each of the nine grids in the Monthly Flying Star chart below. The larger number represents the annual flying star and the smaller number represents the monthly star.

The luck forecast for each grid or sector, good or bad, applies to every member of the family/workplace if the maindoor or the door most often used of the house or office is located in that particular sector or facing that direction. For example, if you maindoor is located in the North sector or your property faces North, then every household member or occupant of the office will experience the kind of luck indicated in the North sector for the entire month. So always pay close attention to the flying stars of your maindoor's location and facing direction of your home, although the other rooms such as the living room and bedrooms are important too, if you spend a lot of time in them daily. The energy carried in by the flyings stars of these rooms only affects people who occupy them frequently.

You will also be affected by the star visiting your horoscope sign's home location. Table below shows the home location of each horoscope sign. For example, the Rat is affected by the stars in the North sector, the Monkey is affected by the stars in Southwest, and so on.

Rat North Horse South
Ox Northeast Sheep Southwest
Tiger Northeast Monkey Southwest
Rabbit East Rooster West
Dragon Southeast Dog Northwest
Snake Southeast Boar Northwest

We also provide some suggestions of Feng Shui cures to remedy or minimize the negative influence of the inauspicious flying stars as well as Feng Shui enhancers and lucky charms that can be used to further tap into the energy of auspicious ones and maximize the wonderful possibilities of the month. Knowing in advance the locations of the stars enables you to easily make the necessary arrangement to make the best out of every month.

The placements of monthly Feng Shui cures can be moved around from month to month. For instance, a cure against the monthly misfortune star #5 can move from sector to sector to track the misfortune star. However, the annual cure for the misfortune star must stay where it is placed at beginning of the year.

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June Monthly Flying Star 2017 Chart
Jun 6, 2017 - July 6, 2017
June Monthly Flying Star 2017 Chart


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouthwest - Despite tough competition, you'll have an edge over your colleagues in your career luck. Carry the Victory-Enhancing Talisman Keychain for good career luck. Prosperity luck will show improvement. There is an indication of bloodshed and injury so be extra careful when handling heavy or sharp objects. To minimize the negative effect, try to keep this sector quiet especially if the main door is situated here. Hang or carry the Anti Burglary Keychain 2017 or Sodalite Rhinoceros and Elephant Protection Amulet for protection. Place the Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant with Water Urn or 8 inch Blue Rhinoceros in this sector to overcome the violent star.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationEast - #2 Star coupled with the #8 forming a powerful and lucky sum-of-ten combination. This brings magnified prosperity, affluence, business and wealth luck. Display the 8 Wealth Trees or Feng Shui Figure of Eight Enhancer to magnify the Prosperity star energy. Wear a Ammonite Shell Pendant (L) for added advantage. It is a good time for investing in properties and accumulating assets. Some health problems related to the stomach, muscle and mouth is indicated but nothing major. Place a Brass Herbal Wu Lou here.

8 Wealth Trees

Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSoutheast - The hostile monthly star brings serious tension and disagreements and tension which could lead to lawsuits or violent fights. Married couples and close relationships will suffer from tension and stress. Place a 4 inch Ksitigarbha's Staff or Red Eagle to Overcome Quarrelsome Star for remedy. Keep this area quiet. Do not hang any windchimes or bells. Minimal TV and radio time here. Remove all live plants from this sector. Carry a Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star for protection. Activate the future prosperity star with 9 Rings Dragon Sword.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationCenter - The #4 Flying star brings good literary and academic luck that will benefit students and authors. This is the star of achievement through scholarly pursuits. Those sitting for exams will do well. Use Golden 9 Level Feng Shui Wen Chang Pagoda or 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Keychain to boost education luck. Inspirations and ideas will be abundant for people working in the creative field. Prospects are good when it comes to affairs of the heart. Place Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L) or carry a Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain to enhance love luck.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorthwest - This highly malevolent star combination brings bad luck of a catastrophic magnitude. It attracts all kinds of bad luck - accidents, monetary loss, mishaps, misfortunes, violence and other life threatening danger. Residents of the whole house is susceptible to chronic illnesses, especially those that sleeps here. Best to move out from this area and do not have open fires or engage in noisy activities here. Place both the 6 inch Five Element Pagoda or Sun and Moon Five Element Pagoda (7 inches) and the Goddess Kuan Yin with Garuda or Garuda Bird for Protection Against Illness here. Carry both the Garuda Wu Lou Keychain and the Sun and Moon 5 Element Pagoda Keychain for protection.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationWest - Wealth luck is highly promising in this sector this month. Wear Citrine Bracelet with Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice to capture this energy. Speculative and windfall luck is strong thanks to the Heavenly #6 auspicious star. Display a Polaris Heavenly Star Enhancer here. Carry a Heavenly Star Keychain or hang a 6 Coins with Obsidian Wu Lou Hanging to enhance it. On the unfavorable side, conflict of elements between the two flying stars brings sickness energy which can affect the household members. Becareful with metallic objects as injuries caused by them is indicated. Carry a Fire Protection Wheel Mirror of Avalokiteshvara for protection.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNortheast - This extremely unfavorable flying stars congregation attracts theft, robbery, violence and burglary energy to people who reside in this sector. Place an Anti Burglary Plaque in this sector and carry an Anti Burglary Keychain 2017 or Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet. Love and romance luck is poor and you might be betrayed by your spouse or partner. Clashing energies cause frequent disagreements and quarrels between loved ones and colleagues. Use the Rose Quartz Faithful Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf for protection.


Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationSouth - Lucky and prosperity energy brought by monthly flying star #8 summons wealth luck, abundance, good fortune and career advancement. Place a Citrine Crystal Ball (m) for Wealth Luck or 8 Wealth Trees here to strengthen the wealth star and wear a Adjustable Jade Mystic Knot Bracelet. Though wealth luck is good, refrain from taking high risk ventures especially gambling related activities. Residents of this sector is prone to sickness. Carry a Health Amulet Feng Shui Keychain and wear a Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold) for protection. Trigger the wealth inviting chi here with activities. Place the 6 inch Five Element Pagoda in this sector to suppress misfortune star 5.

8 Wealth Trees

Annual and Monthly Flying Stars CombinationNorth - The #9 multiplying monthly flying star invigorates the auspicious #6 heaven star, bringing heavenly luck that enhances windfalls and speculative luck. Place a Gui Ren Plaque here and carry a Gui Ren Talisman for Success Keychain to activate it. Wear a Citrine Bracelet with Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice to attract wealth luck. The element of the stars conflict and may bring disharmony and misunderstanding between family members. Carry a Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck to counteract this.

Gui Ren Plaque

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