How to Dine Auspiciously



How to Dine Auspiciously


Mealtime can be made a time of auspicious good fortune for all members of a family. The Feng Shui kua number of auspicious directions can be applied in the dining room to benefit all members of the family.

First – use a compass to determine the Feng Shui auspicious direction that each person faces when sitting at the table and then make sure to assign that person the place on an ongoing basis. If you already use an 8-sided Pa Kua dining table the directions may be kept more flexible because this shape is already considered good luck. But any shape may be used – square, rectangular, and the round table is especially auspicious, from the point of view of feng shui beliefs. Just be careful to avoid seating anyone at the corners of any table and never eat with the corner aimed directly at someone’s stomach, a sign of impending bad luck.

Since family is representative of love, use your family members’ nien yen (love) direction as the dining direction of choice, as opposed to using the direction of wealth. If all family members are facing their wealth direction it can cause angry and aggressive yang energy, leading to arguments as a topic of dinner conversation. Use caution not to seat loved ones facing one of their four bad directions, primarily the total loss direction, since this can cause huge bad luck to occur.

Here are some tips on using the dining room for auspicious good fortune:

1When choosing a dining area, avoid having a toilet sharing any common walls with the area, or having a toilet adjoining the dining room. If it is impossible to avoid this, make sure to keep the door to the toilet closed at all times, since the energy emerging would be harmful.

2Also regarding toilet placement, if you live in a two-story home or apartment, make sure not to arrange your dining table directly under a toilet that exists on the floor above you, since this can bring about negativity.

3A mirror hung on the wall, reflecting the food that is placed on the dining table, will help double the good fortune in your family.

4Use happy colors wisely when painting or decorating your dining room, since this will bring brightness into your life.

5Be sure to avoid having meals in the lowest part of your home, which primarily means the basement.

6 If at all possible, designate a room deep into your home as your dining location. Eating in a room or area too near the front door is inviting wealth to leave.

7The three-star deities of Fuk Luk Sau are a welcome addition in the dining room. They represent all fortunate aspirations and are able to attract good fortune into one’s life.


Feng Shui for Dining Room


Design Advice for Attracting Auspicious Good Luck in Your Dining Room

1 Choose an area that is as spacious as possible to attract abundant good luck.

2The heart of the home is its center, so choosing a location as near the center of the home as possible as a dining area will bring the most beneficial good feng shui and fortune to your family.

3Using part of the living room, thought to be the main heart of the home, as one’s dining room is a most beneficial way to attract good luck.

4 Make sure that at least one solid wall encompasses the dining room, and seat the father or mother (head of household) with their back to this wall, for solid protection and fortification.

5If you are aware of your Feng Shui Flying Star Numbers, choose an area of your home where these numbers are good, and make this area your dining room.

6 Corners that stick out or overhead beams that are exposed are not good choices in a dining area. These poison arrows may cause illness to those who dine in such a location.

7Kitchens that are near the dining area should be on the same level or slightly below the level of the dining room, with special attention paid to avoiding a “sunken dining room”. Though it may be thought to be attractive, it actually attracts negativity in Feng Shui principles.


1Any sharp edges in the room, including columns or protruding beams, can be softened by adding a potted plant, which brings in earthy and peaceful energy.

2If there are exposed beams located overhead, move the table so that it is not directly located under those beams.

3Also, regarding exposed overhead beams, hang two bamboo flutes so that they form an “A” over the edge of the beam to disperse heavy and negative energy.

4Distasteful views outside can be minimized by using curtains or blinds at the windows. These window treatments will also help cut offensive glare from the sun without removing the sun’s positive energy.


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