The elephant is a prominent symbol of strength, fertility and intelligence in many cultures, including Chinese, Indian and African. It is a respected animal of insight, cherished by many. In Buddhism, the elephant is one of the eight holy animals, and in the Hindu religion, the Ganesha is the God with the head of an elephant.

In both a mythical and religious role, the Elephant is seen as a mark of magnificence. In many folklore and war stories, the elephant has been seen as enchanting and alluring - in ancient China, the Elephant was a war animal, often given as gifts to the emperor by the King of Siam, during the Kang Hsi era.

The pure white Elephant, which is one of the Seven Treasures of Buddhism, is believed by many to be the embodiment of the future Buddha. It holds the same holy place in India, Indochina and Thailand, where the only people who are permitted to ride an Elephant are the king and deities. Because of these precedents, it is known as a figure of royalty, supremacy and stateliness.

The Elephant also holds a very potent position in Feng Shui. The mother of Buddha had dreams about a pure white elephant directly prior to Buddha’s birth; it is for this reason that the Elephant is now an icon of fertility, being used by couples or singles who desire a newborn. It is an auspicious omen, providing protection for the beholder.

Excellent gift for people trying to conceive.

Click on the various design of Elephant statues below for more specific explanation on their symbolic meaning and powers, and Feng Shui tips on their placement or usage.

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Wealth Bringing Pair of Elephants
This beautiful pair of white power elephants carrying jewels on its their backs symbolizes power, au..
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