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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast 2016-2017 - 1st Month (Feb 4 - Mar 5, 2016)

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RAT (North) -  Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Unfortunately, the year does not begin well for the Rat. The double appearance of the #7 Robbery Star threatens danger from robbery, betrayal or loss. Lie low and just try to get through with as little damage as possible. Love – Money – Career – all will be open to negativity. Financially, it’s often advised by feng shui experts that giving of time or money to charity will not only help people but also provide protection from negative money afflictions. Display the Anti Burglary Plaque - Rhinoceros and Elephant (Tile) and carry a Anti-Burglary Amulet 2016 Keychain. Hang a Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet in your car.

At work, office politics, jealousy or backstabbing seem certain to arise. Try to stay clear and consider displaying a Colorful Feng Shui Rooster on Treasure on your desk to “peck away” this negativity. Working on your own whenever possible this month is best, since partnerships or teamwork elements do not look promising. It’s also wise to avoid beginning a new deal or project. Students also suffer from lack of support or camaraderie. Study alone and keep your thoughts to yourself now. Carry the Scholastic Keychain. In love, slow is the way to proceed. If you’re in a romance or marriage, tread lightly and think before speaking or acting to avoid arguments. Single Rats should stay that way, as this month is not auspicious for seeking love. Display the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to enhance love luck.


OX (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

For all signs this month, Stars get doubled, and unfortunately for the Ox, that means twice the obstacles and problems from the #5 Yellow Misfortune Star. This isn’t devastating, but will require facing negativity head on and overcoming it. Placing the 6 Inch Tree of Life 5 Element Pagoda in your Northeast sector is said to help ease misfortune and help maintain a positive outlook. Career and business aspects suffer from the double misfortune energy, too. You’ll make mistakes but won’t suffer blame for them, so don’t let insecurity keep you from your responsibilities. Wear the Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold).

Focus on self-improvement and keeping status quo, since rushing into plans for expansion does not bode well. Try avoiding major meetings or networking, since it appears you won’t be too persuasive and may speak out of turn or hastily. Say less; listen and work more. In studies, Rats should ask for help when needed, but steer clear of arguments. Carrying the Golden Mantra Pagoda Keychain to to offer extra protection. In romance, carrying your work problems home with you could cause a strain. Loved ones may try to give advice, but it could only cause hard feelings. The single Ox should keep dating casual, since your irritability over the rest of your problems will not be an attractive quality. Enhance your love luck with a Rose Quartz Crystal Point.


TIGER (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

In this month of doubling stars, Tigers are overly plagued by the #5 Misfortune Star, so caution is needed. However, there is a silver lining, since the double 5 creates a 10, forming the auspicious sum-of-ten. While obstacles or problems will arise, stay strong and you show promise of coming out ahead. Business and career matters will be rocky now, and expect office politics and hostilities to surface, but you can avoid taking part. Walking away rather than voicing an opinion could help diffuse hostility. Avoid risks with money or new projects. Rather than seeking new opportunities, focus on what you already have. When business luck is low, it’s best to lie low and wait for better times, which are ahead for Tigers. Display the Pair of Golden Camel to enhance business luck. Students may experience some difficulties now, but nothing that can’t be overcome. Use more caution and go with the flow. Display a 6 inch Five Element Pagoda in the Northeast and wear a Bejeweled Five Element Pagoda Pendant (Gold) or carry a Golden Mantra Pagoda Keychain to overome the #5.

Love is not at its best now, but many conflicts can be managed by keeping your temper under control. Think before speaking to your partner. The Star of External Romance enters your chart, so beware supposedly sympathetic outsiders with improper offers of advice, or infidelity could occur. Carry the Medallion for Protection from Third Party Interference for protection.


RABBIT (East) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Rabbits start strongly this year, creating excitement. Your Future Prosperity Star is doubled, and even though the Reducing Energy Star also appears, the #9 provides extra bursts of energy to help fight fatigue.  Work is hectic and you’ll work longer hours, but your interest is piqued and that provides smooth sailing. Pessimists may try to cast a shadow on your work, but you can prevail, even when deadlines loom quickly. Display a 9 Rings Dragon Sword and carry a 9 Ring Sword Keychain. Networking prospects appear good – relish opportunities to meet new people who respond well to you, including someone who may become important in your career later on. While wealth luck is not great, it still can lead to good prospects for entrepreneurs and other businesspeople. You’ll avoid office politics or arguments and could be asked to play mediator – not a good idea.

Use caution to guard your health during this productive time. Plan well and schedule relaxation, too. Wear a Gold Sand Wulou Pendant for Health Luck to enhance health luck. Student Rabbits shine now and have high energy, able to balance studies with socializing. Love prospects look good, and Rabbits will be popular, which may cause stress in trying to juggle friends and family. Single Rabbits will have their choice of admirers, but don’t rush to commit to someone too quickly or settle for less than you deserve. Display the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf to enhance love luck.


DRAGON (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The year begins with the double #1 Victory Star in your chart, giving you strength, confidence, and the ability to “take on the world.”  Now is the time to pursue new opportunities. Listen to your instincts and take risks, because success is a real possibility. There will be times this year when your element charts show a dip in your life force and spirit essence, so strike now when these are good and this can help carry you through perhaps rougher times ahead. Others will support you and fortunate doors open for you. Immediate financial success looks strong but don’t be satisfied with this – plan for more, and dream big. Young Dragons experience success in studies and could win scholarships or other prizes. Display the Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Dragon for Success in SE and carry the Victory-Enhancing Talisman Keychain to boost this star.

Some Dragons who are in a relationship that is suffering may find it better to cut ties and move on, which is not really bad news and instead is for the good of you and your partner. Single Dragons could find love now in unexpected places and several admirers may appear. Make sure you pursue someone you admire mentally and emotionally, though, and not just someone who is physically appealing. Display the Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L) in your bedroom to enhance love luck.


SNAKE (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The influence of the double #1 Victory Star gets your year off to a successful start. Energy and confidence are high, allowing you to put dreams and ideas into motion.  New opportunities and expansions will flow toward you – so many, in fact, that you could find it difficult to decide which ones to pursue. Allow your instincts to affect these decisions rather than over-thinking them. Competition luck runs high, even though some rivalry or obstacles may arise. Try even harder, believing that you can overcome anything. Your people skills are excellent, encouraging support from allies or business partners. Just make sure you clearly state your goals and plans. When short-term success occurs, enjoy it but don’t rest on it. Instead, dream bigger and think ahead. Young Snakes enjoy exciting success with studies, bringing confidence and increased desire for success. Display the Bejeweled Wish-Fulfilling Dragon for Success in SE and carry the Victory-Enhancing Talisman Keychain to activate the Victory Star.

Love is promising for Snakes now, which will spill over to all areas of your life. Those in a relationship will fully appreciate the joy of their partnership. Single Snakes may very well find someone they can see as a lasting partner. Don’t rush to become too serious too quickly, though, unless you’re sure that the relationship feels right. Carry the Bejeweled Double Happiness Keychain for Love Luck to enhance relationship luck.


HORSE (South) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Double blessings from the Heaven Luck Star bring Horses many chances for good luck this month. There may be a few temporary obstacles, but know you can rise above them. This is a good time to share new ideas with a boss or higher-up, since support seems likely. You’ll need to put in extra effort to achieve their trust, but it is very possible. If you make mistakes, don’t despair. Just tackle projects you know you do well, rather than taking on anything you are unsure of. Your people skills help you get along with co-workers, a good thing since you may need to ask for favors to accomplish projects quickly. In education, mentor luck runs high, so take advantage of this to ask questions or advice. Display the Gui Ren Plaque and carry the Heaven Luck Activator Feng Shui Keychain to trigger the Heaven Luck Star.

Romance is in the air for the Horse. This could be the month for single Horses to find love, so if you feel the chemistry with someone, (even someone you already know), don’t be shy. The married Horse is not so lucky, and may feel lacking in love with a partner. Spend time together, get creative in love, or there’s temptation to look elsewhere. Use the Double Happiness Plaque to solidify your marriage.


SHEEP (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The month begins with the double Prosperity Star in your chart. There could be unexpected money from a windfall, inheritance, bonus or new business opportunity. Display a Feng Shui Crystal Ball – Swirling Gold Sand or Cross-sectioned Ammonite Shell on Stand in SW to enhance the Prosperity Star. Wear a Tibetan Dzi Bead of Your Choice with Citrine Bracelet. Work and career success look very promising, bringing happiness. You’ll have the energy to take advantage of this potential, but don’t become overwhelmed. Ask for help and delegate responsibility when you need to – it will not make you appear weak. Some past projects will be successfully completed and new ones arrive to take their place. A good rapport with colleagues should help you know which people to trust. Listen to their input and ideas and you can gain valuable insight.  In the midst of this, don’t forget to take care of your health. Your mind can handle the hard work, but your body needs to rest – especially true for the 37-year-old Earth Sheep and the 61-year-old Wood Sheep. For all Sheep, health protection could be enhanced by displaying the Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) on your desk or carrying the Good Health Keychain (Garuda).

In education, things go well, especially if you use your people skills to make new friends or nurture those you already have. Love will sizzle for the Sheep now! Married Sheep enjoy happiness with a partner and receive the attention they desire. The single Sheep needs to get rid of self doubt and make a move when feeling romantic, even though this isn’t your nature. It can pay off beautifully. Give your love luck a boost with a Rose Quartz Crystal Point.


MONKEY (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Much about this month looks good for Monkeys. The double Auspicious #8 Current Prosperity Star promises abundance. Success should be easy to achieve now and you are mentally strong and ready to go. Take advantage of this, because things may get a bit rocky later. Display a Bejeweled Golden Eight Auspicious Objects or Star of David with Seven Crystal Balls to enhance the #8 Earth star. Those seriously interested in career movement should put in the time and effort. Go above and beyond the normal routine. You could be singled out for your skills. Just don’t become arrogant as you advance your ideas. Boldly jump into work, or you could miss opportunities. Young Monkeys could be faced with decisions affecting their future – choosing a school, which subjects to take, or even a career path to work towards.

Romance shows promise. Those already married may rely more on a partner for ideas and opinions, if for no other reason than to confirm what you already believe. Single Monkeys normally prefer to have someone else make a move, but this is your time. Don’t let shyness hold you back and if you feel a connection towards someone – go for it! Boost your love luck with Dragon & Phoenix on Ingot.


ROOSTER (West) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

 Roosters enjoy the double #4 Peach Blossom Star now, surrounding them with loving vibrations from family and friends. This should extend to work and business matters, where a rapport with colleagues and associates will help cement relationships with those who can help you as time goes on. Networking at business or social functions may not be something you normally consider important, but now, it is very valuable. You’ll be coming up with new ideas and making plans which won’t necessarily be put into action now, but you have a good chance to think ahead, using the energy and motivation you feel. Young Roosters are blessed with study luck this month, so it’s a good time to take advantage of it to get ahead in school. Carry the 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Keychain and display a Clear Crystal Globe (l) in the West sector to boost the Wenchang Education Star #4.

Normally, Roosters are more practical about love, rather than letting the heart rule. But now, the double Peach Blossom Star opens you up to being more romantic. Caution is needed, though, to make sure the Rooster doesn’t rush into a relationship too quickly. Married Rooster-born are almost overly caught up in romantic energies and may have someone outside the marriage paying attention. Beware, because there is a temptation to stray. Carry the Rooster with Fan and Amethyst Keychain to protect your relationships.


DOG (NorthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

There won’t be smooth sailing this month for the Dog because of the double #3 Quarrelsome Star. It threatens to affect all aspects of life. Stay strong, because better times are ahead. Because of disappointments and delays, you may become irritable and stressed, even to the point of venting your anger inappropriately, if you are not careful. Since business and career matters do not look promising, try to lie low and keep status quo rather than seeking recognition. This is a good time to work quietly alone or at least hold your thoughts with your team or co-workers, since you could tend to sound arrogant or irritable. Try to delay negotiations, major meetings or new projects or partnerships, because you show little chance of great success right now. Display the Tibetan Dorje Vajra in the NW and carry a Eight Spoke Dorje Keychain to weaken the quarrelsome energy.

Students could enter arguments with classmates or feel betrayed by them, so studying alone is a wise choice. As for love, it’s not warm and romantic now. Those in a relationship may focus more on what’s wrong with the relationship rather than on what’s right, so give yourself and your partner some alone time if things become too argumentative. Be careful not to be tempted by an outside attraction – this will not solve anything and could make things much worse. Single Dogs show better luck in love in the future months rather than now. Boost your love luck with the Dragon & Phoenix on Ingot.


BOAR (Northwest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Now may be among the worst during the Pig’s year, due to the double #3 Quarrelsome Star, ready to wreak havoc on emotions, career and love. One minute, you’re happy, then you’re hostile the next. Try working alone when possible to prevent unnecessary and unfounded disagreements with co-workers, who won’t understand your mood swings. In meetings, the less said, the better – there will be plenty of chances in the future to speak up. A great deal of your unhappiness stems from the effect of the #3 on your plans, bringing obstacles that aren’t easy to overcome. Don’t take setbacks personally or think others are against you – they are not.

One feng shui suggestion to ward off the double #3 is to carry the Peace and Harmony Amulet for Overcoming Quarrels and Disharmony and display the Two-Sided Flaming Magic Wheel Plaque in the NW. For more serious negativity such as a legal problem, display the 4 inch Ksitigarbha's Staff to counteract quarrels. Students should study alone rather than socializing since a sense of anger or betrayal by a friend could surface otherwise. Love is not easy now. Single Pigs should consider staying that way since peaceful prospects are lacking. Those in a relationship need to curb their tempers and avoid picking an argument with a partner over trivial matters that could cause relationship damage. Enhance your love luck with Rose Quartz Mandarin Ducks on Lotus Leaf (L).


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