Good Location for your Home


Choosing A Good Location for your Home


Good Feng Shui Home Location

Whether you are building a new home or purchasing an existing home, there is much you can do to ensure that you will be residing in a dwelling that will bring you good fortune. What lies outside or in the vicinity of your home is equally as important as what lies indoors.

Feng Shui YinyangLook at the land surrounding the property. See how the roads are situated. Avoid straight, sharp-edged or pointed roads, also known as Poison Arrow in Feng Shui terms, aimed directly at the property or the existing building.

Feng Shui YinyangRoads surrounding the home should be level. Land that is higher or significantly lower than the property is not good. Positioning your home below street level is less likely to attract good feng shui energy. Whenever possible, seek to build or purchase where the home and the street are located as level to one another as can be.

Feng Shui YinyangLand that meanders, in a peaceful, undulating way, is more likely to bring you positive Earth energy. The land at the back of your home should be higher than it is in the front of your home and the left side of your property should be higher than the right side, to maximize auspicious fortune.

Feng Shui YinyangSecondary roads are more beneficial for home placement. Avoid building or living on a primary or main road since too much traffic moving in front of your home can steal away your luck as it breezes by.

Feng Shui YinyangIs there natural water nearby? This can be quite fortunate, providing that the water is clean, since it indicates purification and allows for a natural flow of good fortune. Water should not be stagnant but instead allowed to flow and water located at the front of the building or property is preferred over water located at the back.

Feng Shui YinyangSpeaking of water, while the lure of the sea may be great, living too close to the sea is considered bad luck. For best feng shui energy, having a view of the sea at a respectful distance is considered good luck.

Feng Shui YinyangLook at the buildings surrounding your potential home. Are there hills nearby? Avoid anything with triangular or sharp edges or straight, arrow-like protrusions, which could bring threatening physical afflictions. Use a Bagua or Crystal Ball to weaken its effects.

Feng Shui YinyangThe local landscape plays a role in attracting good fortune. A site with a field facing it is considered most auspicious in feng shui belief. This allows good chi to settle in and gather unobstructed. If a property faces a flowing river, even if it is a distance away, good fortune can be expected. Avoid a hostile-looking building or a hill, which can obstruct the flow of energy and attract misfortune.

Feng Shui YinyangDo not build on, or purchase a home located between two roads, especially if they are major roadways with heavy traffic. There will be the feeling, in feng shui terms, of being “hemmed in”, and your energy will be trapped.

Feng Shui YinyangCheck compass directions so that they coincide with your personal good fortune directions, when seeking to purchase a home or build one. Consider all family members when deciding, but make sure that above all, the patriarch’s auspicious compass directions are attended to, and this will affect the good fortune of the entire family. 


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