Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala Supreme Wealth God

Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala Supreme Wealth God
Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala Supreme Wealth God Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala Supreme Wealth God Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala Supreme Wealth God Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala Supreme Wealth God
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Weight : 1,800.00g ( 3.97 lbs)
Dim: 5x4.625x5.875 in (13x12x15 cm)
Material: Metal

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Display this beautiful Bejeweled Yellow Dzambala statue in your home or office to attract wealth luck and abundance. It has a secret compartment for you to keep your wishes for prosperity.

Yellow Dzambhala or Yellow Jambhala is the Tibetan Wealth God believed to be the manifestation of the Compassionate Buddha Chenrezig. The task of this wealth-giving Buddha is to extinguish sufferings and obstacles caused by poverty and generate wealth luck. He not only helps practitioners to attain material wealth but also wealth in virtue, wisdom, spiritual attainment and merit.

This Yellow Jhambala is portrayed sitting on a lotus, sun and moon disk holding the jewel spouting Moongoose on his left hand and a peach for good health in his right.   If one is facing with financial troubles, one can recite his mantra and he will come to help. His mantra is “Om Dzambhala Dzalim Dzaye Svaha”. Chant for 108 times daily for best results.

To bring good fortune luck with business and sales, place an image of the Yellow Dzambala in your living room, main hall or office. 

This divinity must be placed accurately in the home for best business success. It is ideal to place him directly facing your main entrance, to allow for chi to flow through entry points; another option would be to place him diagonally facing the main entrance, if directly is not feasible.

The Tibetan Yellow Jambala must be placed accurately for its powers to have effect. The following are ideal locations for the God:

  1. Place the Yellow Jhambala in the Southeast corner (Wealth corner) of the room; this will serve to set in motion your wealth luck, as well as to improve current wealth luck.
  2. The Tibetan God of Wealth should be placed facing your main entrance, making him visible when anyone walks into the house or office; this will invite wealth luck into the home or office through chi entry points. In addition, the Wealth God will alter all types of chi into prosperity chi.
  3. To bring in more customers and thus more sales and monetary increases, placing a Yellow Dzambhala in your office, store or working area is said to help.
  4. For anyone looking to be successful in their field of work, a Wealth God in the room is essential. It has the power to give us positive vibes, constantly reminding you to search for business opportunities.
  5. In your home or office, you can place the Tibetan Wealth God in the Water Star-8 area.

*Note* Despite the fact that you need not pray to the Yellow Jhambalas (unless he's consecrated), you must still show them respect. Never place the Wealth God in the toilet, in the kitchen, or on the floor.

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