Star of David Crystal Pendant Necklace (Smoky Quartz)

Star of David Crystal Pendant Necklace (Smoky Quartz)
SKU: SKU1702
Weight : 25.00g ( 0.06 lbs)
Dim: 0.875x0.875 in, 10 in Lgth (2.3x2.3 cm, 25.4 cm)
Material: Crystal

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When worn with the male side out, it magnifies your aura and acts as a protection shield.

This beautiful pendant charm made of smoky quartz crystal features the Star of David symbol. The six-pointed Star of David symbol is composed by two overlaying faceted triangles to form a hexagram (an inverted triangle (female side) on one side and an aligned triangle (male side) on the other which can be seen through the translucent crystal pendant).

The type of cut amplifies and moves energy in a very special way. Energy drawn into the female side is boosted, and is radiated out the male side. When worn with the male side out, it magnifies your aura and acts as a protection shield. The female side is often worn facing out during crystal healing where practitioners would place substances like herbs or stone on the female side so that all the goodness of the substance used is drawn into the Star of David crystal, is amplified and channeled into the body.

The Star of David, also known as Magen David or Shield of David by Jewish, is used in many religions and traditions, some of these being Judaism, Islam and Buddhism. Each religion respects this star, and reveres it for its purifying and holy properties. The six points of this symbol reminds us that God is to be found in every dimension and direction, observing and protecting.

The smoky quartz is an effective stone for those looking to overcome lack of motivation. If you feel tired, depressed and lethargic, the Smoky Quartz will serve to promote a longer attention span and lift your mood. You will be able to see more clearly and make better decisions. Also, you will have a more positive state of mind, and this will allow you to feel happier in your own skin. A nature's stone of endurance, Smoky Quartz promotes creativity in business and personal pride, enhances organizational skills and opens the path for learning.

The Smoky Quartz is very effective when presented to individuals who are under immense stress. It will repress the effects of panic attacks, and well as prevent insomnia and other stress-induced ailments.

The pendant is mounted and secured in a silver frame and hangs on a stainless steel chain.    

All our crystal products are cleansed before shipping.

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