Wooden Ru Yi with Carp

Wooden Ru Yi with Carp
Wooden Ru Yi with Carp Wooden Ru Yi with Carp
SKU: SKU3457
Weight : 70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)
Dim: 3.75x1.125x1.25 in (9.5x3x3.2 cm)
Material: Wood

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This Ru Yi is hand-carved out of wood and then lacquered. It is decorated with the image of a carp and lotus flowers - symbol of determination and purity.

The ru yi is a powerful scepter, former tool of imperial officials, scholars and staff, in feng shui it is honored as an emblem of leadership, power and esteem. In ancient China, the power scepter was used by imperial employees, government officials and dynasty empresses. The scepter is made of precious jewels, stones or metals like gold and jade and is said to grant ease in endeavors and luck with new enterprises. 

Ru Yi literally translates to “as you wish,” an accurate declaration of the authority and respect a Ru Yi is known to earn from subjects and admirers.

The Ru Yi is mostly made use of by those who are looking to gain or maintain power or authority in the career or in life in general. It is highly beneficial to directors, CEOs, politicians and Managers. The Ru Yi makes a great gift for ambitious people.

To support patriarch luck and to be in command of defiant children, place the Ru Yi in the Northwest sector of your home. Place in the Southwest for matriarch luck.


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