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6 inch Feng Shui Wealth Ship

6 inch Feng Shui Wealth Ship
6 inch Feng Shui Wealth Ship 6 inch Feng Shui Wealth Ship
SKU: SKU1195 (Out of Stock)
Weight : 250.00g ( 0.55 lbs)
Dim: 6x1.5x6 in (15.2x3.9x15.2 cm)
Material: Wood

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This is a magnificent duplication of a sailing ship; it is a replica of those used by old-Europeans to convey gold and silver back from newfound continents. This model is intricately hand-made; the details have been extra-attended to. It can be transformed into a tool for Feng Shui by loading it up with gold ingots, coins, gemstones and other valuables.

The wealth ship is an extremely sought-after enhancer of Feng Shui, especially for placement in the homes and business turfs of the Chinese moguls in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia – it has developed to be a secret of business, believed to bring in wealth luck and success luck. This has also been further established by Feng Shui gurus the world over. Even famous Feng Shui Grandmaster Lilian Too has a wealth ship in her home!

Placing a feng shui wealth ship in your home or office is believed to bring you better wealth luck, as well as bring opportunities for business and income flourish. You may even use more than one wealth ship in one area; as they will represent manifold sources of earnings. You can choose to load the ship with gold ingots, Feng Shui coins, or semi-precious stones, but faux jewels will also suffice.

When placing a feng shui wealth ship, be cautious of its direction; a wealth ship facing outward will cause your luck to be pushed away. The objective is to portray the ship arriving home from its voyage, bringing back an abundance of fortune to your home or office (its docking place).

The wealth ship is essential for businessmen who are thriving to expand their businesses; the ship is believed to assist them in achieving higher sales and more business opportunities.

Because the wealth ship in Feng Shui belief is such a powerful tool in both bringing in more income luck and protecting your current wealth luck, it needs to be placed accurately so as to be the most efficient. Here are some Feng Shui tips on the placement of this good luck symbol:

1) Exhibit the ship with its front facing into your house or office from the main door; this is said to enhance the luck to multiply profit, taking advantage of your home or office’s chi entry points.

2) Placing the wealth ship in the Southeast corner (also known as the “Wealth corner” based on Feng Shui Bagua Formula ) is said boost your luck with riches and prosperity..

3) Keeping a feng shui wealth ship in your office or shop is believed to help bring in more customers, therefore increasing sales and successes.

4) Place a wealth ship in the Northwest corner, laden with gold ingots (to symbolize the Metal element) as this is said to increase your ability to come across money-making opportunities.

5) The wealth ship is a necessity for tycoons and any others in the search for success. The vibes sent from the symbols of the wealth ship is said to trigger us to pursue prospects and gain monetary benefits.

6) Position a feng shui wealth ship in your Sheng chi sector, sailing in “from” you Sheng chi direction. (Feng Shui Kua formula). In doing so, ensure that the wealth ship is not sailing in the direction towards the maindoor.

For best effect, scatter some extra gold ingots, gold coins and gold bars in its surrounding.

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