Military Wealth God on Tiger

Military Wealth God on Tiger
Military Wealth God on Tiger Military Wealth God on Tiger Military Wealth God on Tiger
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Weight : 300.00g ( 0.66 lbs)
Dim: 3.5x2x3.75 in (9x5x9.5 cm)
Material: Resin

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While generating profuse wealth, the Military Wealth God is also believed to serve to safeguard your current assets.

General Zhao Kong Ming, known as the Military God of Wealth, is one of the five Wealth Gods (Chai Shen Yeh). These gods give immense blessings of fortune and success, to persons who believe in their powers. It is for this reason that anyone wishing to be successful in their business ventures should take part in this piece of ancient folklore. Even Lillian Too, renowned Feng Shui practitioner, had an artwork with the Military God of Wealth made for her newly opening WOF boutique.

According to Chinese legends, there are five Gods of Wealth; the Cilvil God, the Military God, the Rich God, the Righteous God and the God of Windfall. Each of these gods rotate and take turns dealing with the financial matters of humans. Among these gods, the Military God is the most preferred, due to the fact that his stature expresses confidence, opulence and victory. Added to this is the fact that he is an idol of various tycoons in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

There is a history behind why Zhao Kong Ming is so important to business persons. During his time as a prominent general in ancient China, he was always a virtuous and honest man. Because of this, the heaven’s Jade Emperor gave him the duty of issuing wealth among the people and providing assistance to those with debt problems. It is for this reason that people look to his powers for prosperity luck with their careers, sales and business.

The Military Wealth God is seated on a mighty tiger which is endlessly loyal to him. He holds a gold ingot, along with his distinctive “vajra” (a sword-like weapon). He has the expression of a vicious warrior, but it is one of a majestic tranquillity.

When positioned in vital spaces, the Military Wealth God is said to support great business success. While generating profuse wealth luck, he is also believed to safeguard your current assets.

  1. Display the Military God of Wealth in your living room, office or business area. The Southeast corner (Wealth corner) is the best place for this, enhancing your wealth luck.
  2. Place him facing your front entrance; this is so you can easily view him has you enter your home or office. This will also allow good fortune to flow through chi entry points.
  3. Displaying him in your shop or office is said to help bring in more customers, resulting in higher profits and accomplishment.
  4. Placing the Military God of Wealth in the Northwest sector will allow you to better your luck with money-finding opportunities. Doing this will wash your mind of any negativities, replacing them with positive thoughts.
  5. The image of the Military God of Wealth is essential for persons involved in business expansion and success.
  6. If you run the company or are a manager, place him image in your office or behind your chair/desk; this is said to allow for the safeguarding of your assts, as well as the opportunity for your business to reach new levels.

*Note* Never place the Military God of Wealth on the floor or in a bedroom, kitchen or toilet.

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