Victory Banner with Mystic Knot and Evil-Eye Keychain

Victory Banner with Mystic Knot and Evil-Eye Keychain
Victory Banner with Mystic Knot and Evil-Eye Keychain
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Dim: 1.25x0.125 in, 7 in Lgth (3.2x0.3 cm, 18 cm)
Material: Metal

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Another power-packed lucky protective charm you simply do not want to miss. It features, from the top to bottom, a Victory Banner, a Mystic Knot and a Evil Eye. This special charm combines three very powerful symbols to offer you these beneficial effects: Evil Eye: reputed to protect you against harm caused by jealous "friends", colleagues and competitoes; Victory Banner: believed to assist you triumph over all competitors, enemies, obstacles, hindrances and obstructions and to rise victorious over them; and Mystic Knot: said to bring you endless love and goodwill, turning your enemies into your friends. This Feng Shui charm is also an excellent activator for Flying Star #1 which brings winning luck, triumph and success.

Victory Banner (Dhvaja): “Dhvaja” in Sanskrit means “standard, flag or ensign”. It was originally used as a military icon, held by the Indian soldiers during war. However, the victory banner was not only used for war; it is better known to hold the victory of the teachings of Buddha, who believed that enlightenment and insight always overcome ignorance. This flag shows the defeat of Mara (evil) by Buddha – it is with this defeat that Buddha was able to reach a state of nirvana. In Feng Shui, the victory banner is an icon of the victory that one achieves, whether it be over one’s own body or someone else’s, to overcome obstacles and negative energy. In addition, this banner is also a representation of the total triumph of the Buddhist Doctrine over all other malevolent and malicious forces.

The mystic knot, which is also recognized by other names (lucky, love, infinity or never-ending knot) is one of the eight lucky signs of Buddhism. It has this position because it's made up of six infinity symbols or the figure "8". The number 8 has always been a lucky number for the Chinese due to the fact that saying “8” in Chinese sounds like “fortune”. Also the infinity symbol has no end point hence this all-round good luck symbol has become an icon for the endless flow of longevity, prosperity, triumph, love and health luck. In Buddhist beliefs, this knot is a symbol of the neverending cycle, providing the ability to overcome illnesses and misfortunes and instead creating fame and fortune. It is also believed to be a symbol of “everlasting love”, and is therefore used as a gift for couples getting married. Because it is in relation to the number 8, this good luck charm has intense power in Period 8 (2004 – 2024).

The Blue Evil Eye or Lucky Eye symbol is a famous Mediterranean amulet for protection against the “Evil Eye” or not-so-well-meaning people with the eyes of jealousy and envy who harbor ill-intention towards your family, achievement and good fortune, despite their praises and compliments.  

You can hang this in your car's rearview mirror, clip it to or keep it in your bags or use it to hold your keys.

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