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Tai Sui Plaque

Tai Sui Plaque
Tai Sui Plaque Tai Sui Plaque
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Weight : 450.00g ( 0.99 lbs)
Dim: 6.5x6.5x0.625 in (16.5x16.5x1.6 cm)
Material: Wood

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This is an excellent Feng Shui cure to assuage Tai Sui and to bring positive energies and protection.

Tai Sui is the governing heavenly body of the Chinese zodiac and feng shui. Tai Sui is also called Grand Commander or Grand Duke Jupiter. Every lunar new year a different general is called to be Tai Sui. There are sixty different generals each associated with a different star directly opposite Jupiter. They each receive a turn in determining the energy and luck for mankind in the lunar year. It changes location every year.

Each tai sui or grand commander has his own tools and attributes that determine his intentions for managing the well-being of humanity for the year governs. Most of the generals have military backgrounds so they are sometimes also addressed as Military Generals.   

If you know and follow your Chinese zodiac sign it is important to follow the Tai Sui of each year. If your sign is in direct confrontation with the Grand Duke Jupiter it can wreak havoc in your life. The Grand Duke Jupiter is known to bring unfortunate luck such as severe illness or financial loss. By using feng shui cures intelligently it is possible to appease the Grand Commander and escape the negative energy he might otherwise bring into your life.

To avoid the wrath of the Grand Duke Jupiter it is advised in feng shui that you do not regularly face him. This means that you should observe your direction where you regularly eat, watch tv, work and sleep and make sure to alter it if your latitude is directly opposite that of the grand commander. It is okay to position yourself with the back to the Grand Duke Jupiter so you are facing the same direction but it is advisable to consciously ask for his support if you chose to do so.    

In feng shui it is also highly recommended to not disturb or seriously alter in any way the directional area in which the Grand Duke Jupiter resides. This means no renovations, landscaping or repair work in this sector, including even the hammering of a small nail. It is recommended at all costs to observe this limitation and not invite the wrath of the Grand Duke Jupiter.

Display this Tai Sui plaque in the afflicted sector to appease the Tai Sui and to bring good luck. The plaque is imprinted with the image of the Grand Duke and two Pi Yao with flaming sword. Feng Shui followers will know that the Pi Yao is the best cure for Tai Sui affliction, besides bringing good energy, wealth luck and protection against any danger.

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