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In Chinese belief, Tai Sui (太岁), the Grand Duke Jupiter of the Year, is the God to be in command of a person’s fortune, including one's health, wealth, marriage and career. It is believed that if one’s astrological sign clashes with the Tai Sui, misfortune and bad luck can follow. Each year, four different animal signs are in danger from Tai Sui. In the year 2020, the signs to be affected are the RAT, RABBIT, HORSE and the ROOSTER. In Chinese, you are said to be “Fan Tai Sui” (犯太岁).

For these signs in particular, it’s highly important to be careful to avoid potential obstacles or conflicts that arise. This could mean money losses in business, and extra spending that wasn’t planned for. Betrayal or complaints from a business partner is also a threat. It could also mean arguments with a partner in a relationship, even including a possible temptation from a third party. Health is also afflicted – anything from a headache or low energy to possibly something more serious.

The major impact for RATS in 2020 is in health issues and heavy stress or the feeling of being under pressure, while feeling they have little control over it. It’s best to stay with familiar tasks and projects and work on what you know and do well rather than venturing into unknown territory. In love, those already planning a marriage should use caution regarding what others say or do, or the relationship could be ruined. In general – watch what you do or say to avoid the most harm in 2020.

For the RABBIT, you are in indirect conflict with Tai Sui. Arguments or even legal issues are possible and could be caused by speaking their mind too much. Expect the unexpected this year, especially regarding wealth or love issues. Don’t fall for something that seems too good to be true – it probably is, and if Rabbits fall for that ploy, wealth loss is likely. 

The HORSE will experience highs and lows this year, but it appears things are in general working against them. A low sense of worth in work matters, and fear of no sense of security, will be cause for concern. Wealth and health are also at higher risk of negativity in 2020. Beware what is said or done with co-workers and keep emotions under control to avoid harmful disputes. Personal relationships, especially those with family members, can be affected due to blaming those closest to them.

ROOSTERS are in indirect conflict with Tai Sui. The threat of being misunderstood or betrayed by others is particularly an issue. Watch communication skills and any interactions with those at work or in personal matters. Jealousy might also occur if the Rooster is too aggressive about craving or achieving success. Money will possibly suffer this year, as will health matters.

Each year, the Tai Sui resides in a particular sector, and in 2020 it is the North 2. Those who fall into any categories listed below are in conflict with Tai Sui too:

* Those whose main door, their living room, or a bedroom that’s in use is in the North 2 sector
* Those whose main door faces the North 2
* People who have done renovations or repairs, or have done digging in the North 2 or the South 2 sector of a home or office during the year
* Anyone who sits facing North 2 in an office or study area
* Anyone who sleeps with your head pointing to North 2


Expect health, love, work and wealth to be negatively affected by the clash and do something as soon as possible rather than not taking precautions and then trying to seek help when it’s already too late. Keep emotions and energy levels high to fight off the clash and you should be wearing or carrying a Pi Yao charm or Tai Sui Amulet 2020. Also be mindful when driving and offer to help others to court good favor.

Steer clear of disputes or arguments by toning down personal reactions or opinions. Don’t act too quickly or on impulse. Think before reacting or speaking and think of what consequences could occur.

It’s especially critical to watch how one drives if your sign clashes with the Tai Sui, because a bad accident could occur otherwise. Obey traffic rules, pay attention to road signs and do not drive aggressively.

Those who clash with Tai Sui should strongly consider worshipping and praying to Tai Sui as appeasement, especially before the 8th day of the first lunar month. It’s also advised to wear a feng shui charm to ward off negativity from Tai Sui.

A clash with Tai Sui is nothing to ignore. It’s highly important to take action early to avoid negativity, even a potential disaster as it could rob you off the potentials and all the goodies from other auspicious indications in your chart of the year of the Rat 2020.

Note that the God of the Year (Tai Sui) changes every year. Tai Sui amulets/plaque/keychains you purchased in the past year(s) cannot be reused. To dispose them, simply wrap them in a piece of paper, thank them and discard.

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Tai Sui Card 2020
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The Pi Yao’s role in Feng Shui is a crucial one because they are the best cure to appease the Grand Duke or Tai Sui. The consequences of the Grand Duke’s wrath (when confronted) can be petty to serious; it includes loss of job, money-loss or failure in workplace. All this can happen even if you’d accidentally or unwittingly sat or slept facing the direction of the Grand Duke. If your job happens to be confrontational or involving tough competition, the effects of Tai Sui will be worse as your opponents will win with ease.

Placing the Pi Yao or a Tai Sui Plaque at home or in your workplace can help offset the threat of the Grand Duke Jupiter. Lillian Too, famous Feng Shui Grandmaster and author advises “It is a good idea to display the Pi Yao at home or in the office, especially if you are unsure of the direction of Grand Duke Jupiter, since he shifts direction each year.”

All of us have to keep moving about and sitting in different places while being engaged in our daily work. This may inadvertently make us confront the Grand Duke Jupiter many times a day and we may not even know it! If you’ve experienced situations when really bright ideas fail to get through, when there are unnecessary arguments in your workplace or you start to feel unwell just prior to an important appointment; this may be the reason. Your Horoscope sign might be in conflict or you may be sitting directly confronting the Grand Duke Jupiter!

You can overcome this problem by carrying or wearing a Pi Yao amulet or Tai Sui amulet. This acts as a protective armor that shields you against his wrath even if you’re sitting right facing Tai Sui's direction.

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Hang a Piyao Hanging in your car for a complete protection!

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