Sky Wolf

Sky Wolf
Sky Wolf Sky Wolf Sky Wolf
SKU: SKU5682
Weight : 500.00g ( 1.10 lbs)
Dim: 2.125x4.25x3.875 in (5.5x11x10 cm)
Material: Metal

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Invite immeasurable blessings and perfect timing into your life with the powerful presence of the Sky Wolf.

Unlock boundless blessings and good timing with the Sky Animals. Hailing from the Lunar Constellations, these celestial beings rule over the fabric of time and bestow the fortune of right timing. Each sky animal carries its own symbolism, yet they all share the gift of aligning fortunes with the universe's rhythm. Timing is key in all endeavors, making the presence of sky animals auspicious in any living space.

The Sky Wolf, as the first animal of the White Tiger Constellation, stands as a formidable protector. It safeguards your wealth and sharpens your intuition against imminent dangers and deceptions. Across various cultures, wolves are revered for their supernatural connection, possessing sacred wisdom and an indomitable inner strength. They fiercely defend their pack, fearlessly confronting any threats that arise. Ideal for those seeking to protect their boundaries and enhance their life force when their element luck is low, the Feng Shui Sky Wolf offers unwavering support.

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