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These Dzi Beads, the “King of all Dzis”, are the most revered and desired among all of the Dzi beads; this is because in Buddhism, the number nine is a symbol of completeness and fullness. This Dzi is believed to bring all forms of luck and benefits, some of these being augmented authori..
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Obsidian crystal facilitates the release of old loves and provides support during change.Obsidian is a stone with great power that does wonders for improving self-image and enhancing self-esteem. For those with confidence issues, such as shame or shyness, Obsidian will induce personal developmen..
SKU#: SKU1136
Dzi Beads with a single eye are an icon of intelligence. They are believed to increase awareness and wisdom, creativity and analytical thinking. With a clearer mind, a sense of positivity, and newfound talents, the beholder of the One Eyed Dzi Bead will be able to climb the career ladder and achieve..
SKU#: SKU2697
The Tiger’s Eye is useful for those who are plagued by inner inconsistencies, depression and clouded emotions.Beautiful oval luminescent tiger eye's pendant set in beautiful frame. Comes with a free cording necklace.The Tiger Eye, also know as African cat's-eye or crocidolite c..
SKU#: SKU1008
With the head of a dragon and the body of a horse, it is a unique combination of the best qualities of both these auspicious animals.This pair of Chi Lin standing upon a bed of wealth, including golden coins and gold ingots, to depict your prosperity and wealth is safeguarded.Chi Lin, or the..
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You can also place this pair of elephants on your nightstands flanking both you and your spouse to enhance fertility luck.A beautiful pair of elephants with their trunks down made of resin to imitate jade.The elephant is a prominent symbol of strength, fertility and intelligence in many cult..
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When the Feng Shui Dragon is positioned beside a water feature, it will help those seeking knowledge, promotions, recognition, reputation and command.The Dragon, which is the most potent symbol of Yang, is one of the four celestial animals in Feng Shui. It is regarded as the “Supreme Being..
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The beautiful shiny pair of Pi Yao made of brass and gold chromed sitting on a bed of coins and portrayed with a round big stomach protection of your wealth in addition to bringing you more.This mystical good luck creature is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon whose task is to provide the bles..
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The Horse is shown pulling a carriage filled with a stack of gold ingots. A rearing horse is a symbol of success and victory in Feng Shui. Place it in your home or office such that it's pulling the carriage into your home/office to symbolize wealth and money luck rapidly rolling in!..
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Positioning a Crystal Tree in the center of the main family room will serve to improve harmony and bonds.This beautiful Crystal Tree, comprised of a trunk of resin and branches of twisted wire, drizzled with Rose Quartz crystal bits. The Rose Quartz, Pink Quartz or the stone of uncondit..
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The Rose Quartz will not only improve relationships, but personal characteristics as well.This beautiful Crystal Tree, comprised of a trunk of resin and branches of twisted wire, drizzled with Rose Quartz crystal bits. It's tied with 9 gold coins to further empower it.The Rose Quartz, Pi..
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These Dzi Beads are believed to enhance your authority luck, allowing you to climb the career ladder and increase your income luck. You will have a stronger grip in fields such as business or politics, and be able to think with a new sense of clarity of mind.Dzi beads (pronounced “ji&rdquo..
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