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Clear quartz: known as the ‘heaven stone’ it attracts love, wealth and good luck; especially known for helping students in exams because of its ability to dispel in negative or distracting energy.Clear Quartz or Rock Quartz is one of the most fascinating stone that will protect from ..
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Each piece of Liuli glass is unique as the mixture of colors varies from one to the next.This striking handmade Feng Shui Wealth Ship tassels with mystic knot is made of liuli glass which boasts beautiful mixture of color. This multi-hued crystal glass is seeing a surge in popularity not only in..
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Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea is a symbol of overcoming all obstacles and achieving success.The Eight Immortals, according to ancient tales, were summoned from heaven to help humans in reaching their objectives and aspirations. This colorful figurine crafted out of resin, portrays the Eight I..
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With the bright colorful paintings, this set of Fuk Luk Sau will sure invite loads of auspicious vibrant energies to your space.The Fuk Luk Sau, meaning “Three Lucky Immortals / Star Gods”, are a very popular symbol to display in Asian homes or offices. They are also highly demanded ..
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Placing Confucius in the Northeast sector will enhance academic aptitude and educational enhancement.Kung Fu Tze or Kung Fuzi, known as “Confucius” in western countries, was the founder of the famous ideology Confucianism. He was a very famous man, who was many things; a philosopher,..
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This lucky charm is a favorite among those who often dab their luck in the lottery, stock market and horse racing.Beautiful hand-carved Piyao pendant available in three types of crystal: Tiger's Eye, Yellow Jasper and Agate.This mystical good luck creature is the ninth son of the Heavenl..
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The Dragon Tortoise is placed in the home of many Feng Shui enthusiasts, to create good luck and good fortune. It is an excellent symbol for young people in college or just entering the working world - it attracts the support you need from those who can help you, and lends you the wisdom and ma..
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People who often try their luck in gambling and lottery buying will love this good luck charm.While the Horse alone is a strong representation of business success and accelerated achievement, it is even more potent when it is paired with the Fly. In the Chinese language, the word for “fly ..
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The Rooster is a symbol of courage, dependability, diligence, self-determination of perseverance. Often related to the yang element and features such as loyalty and bravery, the Rooster is a good feng shui symbol to keep in the home. In addition to its inner qualities, the Rooster itself looks might..
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A pair of shiny golden Feng Shui Pi Yao sitting on a bed of coins with big mouths ready to gobble up fortune and riches for you. The have a round fat body to signify a full stomach loaded with unlimited amounts of good fortune. The Pi Yao are also seen wearing a Wu Lou for health luck.This mysti..
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The number of these Dzi beads is a representation of the four Bodhisattvas and the blessings they will bestow. Making use of the Four Eyed Dzi Beads is said to help create smooth sailing for all endeavours, an enhancement in health and life quality, as well as prevention of complications in court. ..
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Treat the Dragon with the utmost respect by never displaying it in the bathroom.This fantastic golden figurine of the mighty Dragon, created from resin and gold plated is depicted carrying a ball of crystal in its claws to represent prosperity and career success. It is a highly sought-after symb..
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