Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi)

Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi)
Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi) Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi) Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi) Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi) Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi) Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power (Ru Yi)
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This Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power is suitable for those whose goals are to gain abundance, success and happiness. With the help of this royal scepter, it is said that whatever aim you pursue will turn out fruitful and your journey to reach there is going to be a harmonious and smooth-sailing one.

The Ru Yi, or the "sceptre of power", is one of the most influential fengs shui symbol of authority, power and command. In ancient China, the Ru Yi was used by almost everyone in the Imperial courts and offices, as well as government officials and Dynasty empresses. It was created with precious and beautiful gems, such as jade, ivory or gold cloisonné, and has the auspicious symbolism of ease in endeavours as well as "according to your wishes" because of how it sounds in Chinese. The Ru Yi has been held by many important figures in hopes of bringing higher authority and greater power; some of these deities were Tua Peh Kong, Laughing Buddha, and the central figure of the Fuk Luk Sau (3 Star Gods).

The Ruyi is a very useful tool to have when one is in search of enhanced effectiveness as a boss or leader, or wishes to be promoted to a higher position in their career. Chinese businessmen and tycoons often display a Ruyi in the office to signify power, recognition, command and success in business ventures.

Below are some tips on how to utilize the Ru Yi, to better your life and bring you the business luck you desire according to Feng Shui beliefs:

1) You can place the Feng Shui Ruyi on your desk at work or behind where you sit to enhance effectiveness in managerial aspirations. You will also receive the benefit of an “extra edge” when your competitors attempts to uproot you from your business.

2) For increased career luck, in reference to Feng Shui Bagua Eight Life Aspirations Formula, display the Ru Yi in the North sector of the main living room in your home.

3) To give you the reins of power and provide you with an influential air with the people in your workplace, placing a Feng Shui Ru Yi in a prominent spot on your desk at work is said to help. In addition to these benefits, the Ru Yi will provide you with a self-discipline, to better yourself and your work ethics.

4) To support patriarch luck and to be in command of defiant children, place the Ru Yi in the Northwest sector of your home. Place this Feng Shui product in Southwest sector to have the same effect on the matriarch

The Wishfulfilling Scepters Of Power is available in 5 colors, each represents different kind of luck:

White - Celestial Dragon "As you Wish" Ruyi for power & authority
This white-colored Ruyi features the Celestial Dragon, a symbol of success, courage, wisdom and the Imperial right to rule. To the Chinese, the Dragon is the ultimate symbol of good fortune. White is the color that represents heaven, and in the year of the Rabbit 2023, it is also the color that signifies Resource Luck. This kind of luck is particularly important in 2023 because it allows everything else to be achieved.

Orange - Dragon Tortoise "As you Wish" Ruyi for career success
This orange-coloured Ruyi features the Dragon Tortoise, a symbol that combines the confidence of the Dragon with the steadfastness of the Tortoise, symbolizing success in career and business, as well as unfaltering support from your mentors, benefactors and bosses. In 2023, the orange color signifies power, rank and authority. To win tangible recognition for your work, the kind that leads to promotions and other accolades, display it on your desk.

Green - Coins and Ingots "As you Wish" Ruyi  for wealth & prosperity
This green-colored Ruyi is decorated with I-Ching coins and gold ingots, popular Feng Shui symbols of wealth and prosperity. In 2023, the color green represents growth, as well as creativity and intelligence. This Ruyi is a great enhancer of wealth luck. Those who wish for continually growing wealth and to increase their streams of income would benefit from displaying this Ru Yi. 

Red - Flowers and Apples "As you Wish" Ruyi for love & harmony
This red-coloured Ruyi features flowers and apples to represent peace and harmony. It ensures you always maintain good relations with friends and family in your life, bringing you joyous personal relationships and powerful alliances at work and in business. It also protects against risk of lawsuits, misunderstandings and disagreements.

Blue - Wulou and Peach "As you Wish" Ruyi  for health & longevity
This blue-coloured Ruyi features the Wu Lou and peach, two powerful Feng Shui symbols of health and longevity. The wulou is the gourd believed to hold the nectar of immortality while the peach is the fruit of immortality. This Ru Yi is also engraved with the wishfulfilling mantra.

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