Dragon and Phoenix with Children

Dragon and Phoenix with Children
Dragon and Phoenix with Children Dragon and Phoenix with Children Dragon and Phoenix with Children
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Weight : 650.00g ( 1.43 lbs)
Dim: 5x2x3.75 in (dragon), 4x2x4 in (Phoenix) (12.7x5.1x9.5 cm, 10.2x5x10.2 cm)
Material: Resin

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A beautiful pair of highly auspicious figurines featuring an infant boy and girl riding on a dragon and a phoenix respectively. It symbolizes good descendant luck, with children in the household growing up healthily and happily. The Boy on Dragon is believed to bring about motivation, strength, courage and protection while the the Girl on Phoenix attracts new opportunities, and transforms bad luck to good luck. It brings multi levels of good luck one after another to the owner,or to the house hold..

The Dragon is the emblem of yang, male strength and potent fertility, while the Phoenix is the figure of yin, female enchantment and magnificence. When placed together, they will bring out the best of the yin and yang harmony, symbolizing the perfect unity between a man and a woman. They are said to create an environment in which a beautiful love can blossom, harmony between couple is strengthened, obstacles in marriages are removed, and in which many healthy children can be born and raised. 

1) Placing the Kids on Dragon-Phoenix in a brightly lit spot in the South sector of your home is said to benefit those who are in the eye of the public, such as actors, politicians or other influential icons as this activates fame and recognition luck (Feng Shui Bagua Formula). Recognition luck is the kind of luck that will help your hard work or efforts get noticed and appreciated, your ideas and plans get listened to, and your accomplishments praised and acknowledged by your superior or boss. Without this luck, your good work will often be overlooked and your weaknesses being constantly picked on.

2) Displaying the Children on Dragon-Phoenix in your personal Nien Yen (relationship) (Feng Shui Kua Formula) direction is believed to help those who are single and seeking a solid marriage or marital bliss. Also helps those who are trying to conceive.

3) To enhance the luck of the patriarch, display the Dragon-Phoenix in the Northwest sector (Feng Shui Bagua Formula) of your living room or main family room.

4) To improve the luck of the matriarch and enhance her bonds with the rest of the family, place the Dragon-Phoenix in the Southwest sector (Feng Shui Bagua Formula) of the living room. This also enhances relationships between spouses.

5) Placing this pair in the East corner of your main family room is reputed to summon wellbeing, triumph, popularity, command, influence and intelligence for all of the family members.

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