Arowana on Bed of Wealth

Arowana on Bed of Wealth
Arowana on Bed of Wealth Arowana on Bed of Wealth
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Weight : 185.00g ( 0.41 lbs)
Dim: 4.125x1.75x2.625 in (10.5x4.5x6.5 cm)
Material: Resin

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Arowana is believed to bring all kinds of blessings to your home and your family - being increased income and protection.

The Arowana have long been kept by Chinese businessmen in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand to help bring good fortune. Arowana are said to give you the power to overcome any challenge, helping you be sharp and on point to reach your goal. They are especially treasured by successful businessmen for their symbolism of wealth and great fortune.

Arowana are the most expensive aquarium fish in the world. In Chinese tradition they are believed to have the closest resemblance to dragons out of all creatures. This is because of their two long whiskers in the front and lustrous metallic scales.

When they are healthy, the fish emit a pink or golden glow from their shimmery scales. It is this glow that is said to be the bringer of good fortune, so it is important for the Arowana to be very healthy and strong. In Feng shui arowana are always in minimally decorated environments solitary or with odd number of fish - never in pairs.

Arowana are believed for bringing all kinds of blessings. By business mean they are called “wealth fish” and strength is known for providing protection and supporting surrounding chi flow. Because the Chinese word for fish, Yu sounds very much like surplus and abundance, and the Arowana is considered most auspicious among water dwelling creatures, this symbolism is extra potent.

Where to place an Arowana symbol:

  1. Enhance its power by placing it near any water features you already have in your home, like aquariums, ponds or waterfalls
  2. Display it prominently in entranceways, halls, family or living rooms to invite wealth luck and money luck for your family
  3. For strength in the workplace, this carp serves employees, bosses and managers alike. It represents personal growth and good money-making opportunities. It is believed to draw out your most capable character attributes to give you the competitive edge.
  4. Place diagonally across from the main entrance of your home or office to invite extra wealth luck or at the Southeast corner of your cash register
  5. North sector placement in dining room, living room or office is recommended in feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations formula, where the arowana will support the creation of career luck.

If Arowana are swimming on a bed of coins or made of gold their wealth abundance power is believed to be extra bolstered. Their handsome, dragon-like features and elegant body motion often entice both success and good fortune. Every so often, arowana are depicted with a small fish fry by its side. This form of the arowana is known to bring descendant luck and encourage a strong, happy family.

Live arowana fish are said to sense bad energy before it arrives and give warning by banging against their tank, or even jumping out to deflect it. They are strong, sensitive fish with developed sensory capacities who have been loved and kept by humans for many generations. As Feng Shui symbols they serve in the home or work environment most graciously. Arowana is believed to invite wealth, success and security into a space harmoniously shared.

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