Anti Burglary Totem

Anti Burglary Totem
Anti Burglary Totem Anti Burglary Totem Anti Burglary Totem
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Weight : 575.00g ( 1.27 lbs)
Dim: 2.5x2.5x8.625 in (6.4x6.4x22 cm)
Material: Resin

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This beautiful Feng Shui Anti Burglary Totem features a blue pillar with a blue rhinoceros perced on top. The pillar is embossed with images of the Elephants and Rhinos on it.

The Blue Rhinoceros and Elephant are a well known feng shui symbol of protection, be it against robbery, accidents, office drama or betrayal, especially against the #7 Violent Star in Period 8. The Rhinoceros and the Elephant have attained these attributes due to their formidable strength and size in the animal kingdom, their protective and resilient nature as an animal, and how they are peaceful animals but yet aggressive towards any other threatening beasts.

The # 7 Flying Star is a very malicious one, and brings with it burglary, robbery, violence and bloodshed. It also causes betrayal and cheating in relationshops which can cause couples, business partners and siblings to quarrel. To keep this star from causing harm, display the Anti Burglary Totem in the sector affected by the star. The intrinsic element of the #7 violent star is metal. Water exhausts metal. This "Blue" Feng Shui cure with the image of two protective animals are best representing a strong water element that will crush the #7 star metal energy.

For those involved in business, placing the Blue Anti Burglary Totem facing towards the entrance serves to prevent your enemies and competitors from getting ahead of you or sabotaging your career.


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