Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star

Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star
Red Eagle Keychain for Quarrelsome Star
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Dim: 1.5x2.5 in, Lgth 3.75 in (4x6.5 cm, 9.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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The dreaded #3 Quarrelsome Star appears in the Rooster’s location (West) in 2017 and this is a Feng Shui cure that is designed to help diminish the negativity. The keychain features the powerful Red Eagle in flight, as it assumes control over the #3 Star. Here, it holds the Quarrelsome Star in its claws to symbolize removing the Star from one’s home. This hostile star creates angry and argumentative energy, especially between the younger and older generation. The Quarrelsome Star has been known to bring lawsuits or legal matters, as well as major disagreements that could cause friction between families or in business. The Red Eagle (the King of Birds), said to be a manifestation of dakini angels together with the “anti-anger” amulet of the Dakinis on the back conjure the power that brings peace and harmony.

Those whose bedroom is in the West sector, those born in a Rooster year, and all children but particularly the youngest daughter in a family would be wise to keep this Feng Shui keychain nearby - to maintain peace between the young and their elders. 

As for most Feng Shui cures, we do not recommend keeping them for more than a year because it would have absorbed a good deal of negative energy and would no longer can serve as a potent remedy. If your cure is broken or has damage of any kind, it is particularly important to replace it.

In 2018, the #3 Quarrelsome Flying Star flies into the NE (affecting Ox and Tigers), 2019 into South (affecting Snakes, Horses and Sheep) and 2020 it settles in North (affecting Rats, Ox and Boars).


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