Pair Garuda Wu Luo with Anti Illness Amulet

Pair Garuda Wu Luo with Anti Illness Amulet
Pair Garuda Wu Luo with Anti Illness Amulet Pair Garuda Wu Luo with Anti Illness Amulet
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Weight : 590.00g ( 1.30 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 2x3.5 in each (5x9 cm)
Material: Metal

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Beautiful pair of golden Wu Lou embossed with the Garuda symbol. The Garuda Bird is a powerful celestial protector to overcome sickness energy and spirit attacks caused by nagas in Feng Shui. Comes in a pair, the power is said to be doubled! Place them in the North in 2021 where the #2 Illness Star resides. In 2022, place them in the SW.

The Wu Lou is an image of a gourd, calabash or Hu Lu. It has many auspicious meanings and uses in feng shui particularly in the capturing and dispelling of negative energy as well as for promoting longevity and in aiding the ill or infirm.

According to legend, Taoist monks would use the Wu Lou for imprisoning evil spirits. Deities soon caught on to the practice and learned how to trap bad energies into the calabash too. In this way it became a symbol for enlightened and immortal beings in Taoism. Now practitioners of feng shui utilize the Wu Lou for a similar purpose: imprisoning bad energy.

The shape of the Wu Lou is said to be that of heaven and earth coming together. The top half of the calabash represents heaven, the bottom represents earth and when man makes use of this symbol, all three are harmoniously united.

In feng shui it is common for the Wu Lou to have a red string tied around its neck - to enhance and fortify its beneficial abilities.

Here are some feng shui cures for using a Wu Lou in your home;

  1. Place a Feng Shui Wu Lou next to your bed or hang one over it. This is believed to lessen your chances of sickness or health issues.
  2. A Wu Lou made from brass or metal is the perfect Feng Shui cure for Flying Star Feng Shui followers, as it will prevent the dreaded #2 illness star from playing havoc in your health luck. Place this Feng Shui cure wherever you see the #2 sickness Flying Star appears. Doing this will absorb the sometimes deadly bad chi, protecting you against the effects of any injuries, ailments, and fatal illnesses.
  3. Place a WuLou on a stand or dresser next to the bed of someone suffering from an illness or disease as this is believed to help speed their recovery.
  4. Place a Wu Lou on your desk or in your office; this is said to prevent negative energy from affecting your career luck.
  5. Give a Wu Lou made of brass or crystal to an elder in your life as a gift, this will signify your wishes and blessings for their health and longevity.
  6. Keep a Wu Lou in your vehicle as this is believed to help prevent accidents.
  7. If you experience on-going bad luck, place a Wu Lou where you spend the majority of your time, this will help absorb the negative energy that is causing your bad luck.
  8. To promote overall prosperity luck and good fortune luck in your life and absorb all of the negative chi that could possibly affect you, place as many Wu Lou around your property as possible.
  9. If you are ailed by health problems or face recurring issues with your health, placing this feng shui product in the Tien Yi (Health Corner based on Feng Shui Kua) of your bedroom is said to help.
  10. According to feng shui bagua map place a Wu Lou in the East sector of your main family or living room. This is the “universal health luck corner” where the placement of this powerful health and longevity symbol is believed to maximize the well being and constitutions of your whole family.

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