Wealth Wallet (Blue)

Wealth Wallet (Blue)
Wealth Wallet (Blue) Wealth Wallet (Blue) Wealth Wallet (Blue) Wealth Wallet (Blue)
Weight : 100.00g ( 0.22 lbs)
Dim: 5.75x3.5x1.25 in (14.5x9x3 cm)
Material: Misc

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This blue Wealth Wallet is fashionable and dramatic in color, but is also believed to contain feng shui properties that encourage wealth accumulation and protection. The good fortune symbols such as the Dakini syllable, wish-granting mantra, mystic knot, 8-spoke wheel, and lotus in five element colors imprinted on the wallet are though to represent the completion luck of the year and to bring abundance.

Keeping your cash, credit cards and belongings in this wallet empowers all your monetary matters with good vibrations that attracts good things into you life!

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