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Monthly Feng Shui Forecast 2015-2016 - 10th Month (7th Nov 2014 – 6th Dec 2015)

RAT (North) -  Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

There’s good news this month, and you are strong, enthusiastic and ready to take on anything. This is an improvement from last month, when you felt lethargic and non-productive. The Stars of 8 and 1 bring highly auspicious fortune. There will be many projects and opportunities at work - don’t hesitate to take on more activities or launch new ideas. The busier you are, the happier you’ll be, because things will go your way. Display the Star of David Crystal Balls and wear the Adjustable Jade Mystic Knot Bracelet to capture the Wealth Star.

You’ll impress people, and also have the chance to lead. Your co-workers will gladly follow, drawn to your self-confidence and outlook. To maximize career luck, wear or carry the Producing Victory Medallion Keychain, especially if you work in a competitive field. Students who stay focused and work hard can see results now, too, especially in exams.

Love luck runs fairly smoothly, especially where established relationships are concerned. You need to realize you share a deep emotional connection in addition to passion, so take time to share things you have in common. The only word of caution: in some cases, a relationship may actually end now, as you both realize you’ve given it your best efforts. Surprisingly, it could be quite peaceful. Wear the Amber Heart Pendant for enhanced love luck.


OX (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

This is a highly auspicious month. The White Wealth Star arrives, joining the Heavenly Star, blessing you with prosperity and windfall luck. Business and career opportunities arrive, and projects already started should be easily finalized. Others will support you, from co-workers to your boss; they are drawn to your energy and confidence. Money luck is so promising that it could include a bonus, new source of income or even an inheritance. Boost the Wealth star with the Bejeweled Mystic Knot and wear a Ammonite Shell Pendant (L). Don’t hesitate to push yourself, suggesting new deals or contracts. Another feng shui tip to encourage wealth luck is to add a new Wealth Ship figurine to your collection. Fill it with symbols of wealth such as ingots or jewels – even rolled up cash, and it’s said to enhance your luck when displayed where you conduct business.  The student Ox should find exciting challenges and study success, paving the way for good grades. Carry the Heaven Luck Activator Feng Shui Keychain to activate Heavenly luck.

Love burns bright this month. Make sure to nurture and encourage your relationship to further enhance it. Anyone who has thought of proposing could find this is the perfect time. Let loose and enjoy the romantic essence now.


TIGER (NorthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Good fortune runs high in all areas, thanks to the arrival of the #8 Prosperity Star and the #6 Heavenly Star. Don’t hesitate to schedule meetings, make deals or plans at work, or even plan major personal events such as engagements or weddings. Your judgment is good, you work hard, and now is the time to reap the rewards. You will have the ability to multi-task, accomplishing many things easily. Co-workers stand ready to support you and it could lead to a deeper bond with a colleague. Your auspicious stars should be enhanced by displaying a Eight Auspicious Objects Crystal Ball or Feng Shui Figure of Eight Enhancer where you work. Hard-working students should find results encouraging and a good rapport with teachers could be a bonus. Carry the Green Tara keychain for blessings from above.

Because you are happy and self-confident now, you should find yourself admired in the romantic area. Single Tigers could attract a new love interest. Just take it easy, though – you could be quite irresistible, leading to too much too soon. Those who are married or in a committed relationship will find smooth sailing by pursuing interests and hobbies together.


RABBIT (East) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

The arrival of the #3 Quarrelsome Star is not a welcome occurrence now. There is potential for arguments, stress and an overall feeling of irritation. This is a good time to step back, lie low and stay out of debates at home or work. As best you can, keep to yourself and keep your temper under control. Try carrying the Peace and Anti Conflict Keychain to help keep matters as tame as possible. Because you are bound to be irritated by lack of luck, those around you could become upset, too. Beware of legal issues and if possible, don’t sign contracts, schedule a meeting or plan a court date. Displaying the feng shui cure of a Feng Shui Nine Amulet Plaque or 3 Legged Bird for Success (Radiant Sun) in the East section of an office space can help ward off conflict. Students too could experience quarrels with friends and are advised not to let discussions get out of control.

Because of a bad mood, Tigers looking for love may not find it now. If you have begun a new relationship, keep things on an easy keel to help love grow. Married Rabbits or those in a long-term relationship could find things rocky, so try not to take out frustrations on your partner. Through all of this, well-meaning friends may try to offer advice. It’s best to listen but do as you please, since the advice could backfire, causing more anger. Wear the Amber Heart Pendant for enhanced love luck.


DRAGON (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Luck will improve slightly over last month, but Dragons still have to wait a bit before things really turn for the better. Productivity is possible at work, mostly due to your good communication skills and creative thinking. Others will be drawn to you and your ideas, which should normally be good news. However, you may be too much of a magnet for admiration, leading to misreading of intentions and jealousy. Carry the Five Hamsa Blue Evil Eyes Bead Keychain to prevent jealousy. It’s one thing to get along well at work, but make sure you’re not giving the impression you want something more. Flirt if you must, but know when to draw the line. The Peach Blossom Star is to blame for this heightened romantic influence. Students will find help from the Scholastic Star, helping exam and study luck. Displaying the Dragon Tortoise with 9-Level Pagoda or A Pair of Jumping Carps for Career Success in the Southeast sector to aid even more. Carry the Scholastic Keychain.

In love and romance, things could get spicy. Make sure in marriages or long-term relationships that you focus on all aspects of your partnership. If your desires are much heavier than your partner’s, there’s danger of temptation or infidelity on your part. Carry Bejeweled Golden Double Happiness Keychain to keep love and marriage strong.


SNAKE (SouthEast) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Mixed luck is expected now. Those in certain work arenas or studies could really flourish. Snakes in creative fields should do quite well, as daring ideas flow and energy levels are high. Those pursuing new knowledge are favored by the Scholastic Star, impressing teachers and improving grades. Stay focused. Normally, Snakes are rather quiet and private but they will now find it easier to make friends and improve camaraderie at work. Carry the 7 Level Feng Shui Pagoda Keychain to boost academic luck. People will be intrigued and willing to follow your lead. However, this could also be a problem. Enjoy the persuasion you have and the attention you get, but know when not to cross the line, because the Peach Blossom Star has an influence in your chart, potentially causing intentions to be misunderstood, or leading you a bit too far out of the friendship zone. Display the Rose Quartz Apple for Love to enhance love luck.

It would be easy for temptation to arise and in a weak moment you could give in, whether at work or pertaining to your personal life. Whether married or in a relationship, take time to focus on your partner and for added protection, consider wearing or carrying the Medallion for Protection from Third Party Interference Pendant. It’s said to protect against third party influences, keeping one faithful.


HORSE (South) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Be extra alert now – check your surroundings, avoid taking risks and don’t be too trustworthy. You could also be susceptible to being cheated out of money in addition to the physical risk of being robbed of it, due to the #7 Robbery Star. Donating to charity can help offset money loss, so consider this feng shui belief. Display the Anti Burglary Totem and carry the Anti Burglary Keychain to protect from this unlucky star. At work, office politics or jealousy could be heightened – rise above it. Placing the Brass Feng Shui Cicada in the office can ward off that negativity. On a good note, your energy is fine, so you should be strong throughout this month, and your leadership abilities at work can help keep co-workers in line. Stay the course – make plans, and be ready to take action as soon as luck changes. Students do well, as recognition lucks gets them noticed and feeling motivated.

In love, single Horses could find offers of romance, but your attention may be more focused on your work and safety issues. Married or committed Horses are in danger of infidelity by a partner. They’ll be tempted because you seem preoccupied. Spend time in romantic activities with them when possible to keep love alive. Carry the Obsidian Fox Infidelity Protection Amulet for protection.


SHEEP (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

This month should be better than the last, bringing contentment and less stress in relationships. However, the #2 Illness Star is likely to leave you vulnerable to tiredness and at risk of sickness.  If possible, take a little time off to rest and recharge – your health is a priority. Concentration could be low and you could miss deadlines if you are not careful and this applies to students, too. Feng shui experts suggest displaying the Brass Wu Lou with Eight Immortals (s) and carrying a Health Amulet Feng Shui Keychain to help trap illness energy, preventing it from harming you. Work will be busy, but don’t overexert yourself, and welcome help from others. Since your relationship luck is improving, you could find it easier to encourage camaraderie. Money luck is only average, so don’t expect big rewards even with the help of others. Enhance money luck with Golden Money Frog Keychain.

Single Sheep may find it harder to move into a relationship, and are wise not to be pressured into one. Date – don’t commit. Married or committed Sheep will fare better, receiving support from a partner to ease stress. Wear the Amber Heart Pendant for enhanced love luck.


MONKEY (SouthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Things are neither good nor bad for Monkeys. Your stress levels are lower, but so is your energy, causing your production level to drop. Opportunities could pass you by, which you may resent, but it’s actually a good thing. Think rather than act, but still make plans and strategize. It’s best not to move too quickly or mistakes could arise. Luckily, co-workers can help you. Your health luck is fragile, so think of yourself first, mentally and physically. If possible, take a brief vacation somewhere low key and relaxing. As you are hit by the monthly sickness star, it's advisable to display a Golden Brass Wulou for Health Luck and wear a Aventurine Hu Lu Pendant for Health Luck.

Love will improve for you now. Single Monkeys could have romantic opportunities but if you feel pressured to get more serious than you’d like, think carefully. If you feel like it, great, but otherwise, don’t let this build up your stress levels again. Those in a relationship or marriage should find smoother sailing, with pleasant and loving support from a partner.


ROOSTER (West) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Fierce and negative energy is in your chart now, fueled by the #7 Violent Star. Stay strong – it’s about to get intense. Misunderstandings, betrayals, accidents, potential loss, violence – all could be part of the Rooster’s life this month. It’s temporary, so take heart and don’t give up. Remedy with Anti Burglary Plaque and carry a Blue Liuli Elephant and Rhino Protection Amulet. Work and business activities seem to suffer, with the office feeling unfriendly. Watch what you say or do because someone could be waiting to turn something against you. Office gossip and politics run high and even supposed friends shouldn’t be completely trusted. Beware offers that seem too good to be true and avoid risks or spending extra money. To help balance a hostile work environment, consider wearing the Jade Cicada Pendant with Stainless Steel Chain.

Your personal safety is at risk now, so when possible avoid late nights out, double check home security and lie low. Carrying the Night Spot Talisman Amulet Keychain for feng shui protection when you must be out in the dark. If you have a West entrance to your home, it’s especially vulnerable, so guard it with an Anti Burglary Plaque. In fact, all entrances could benefit from protective door guardians now.

Love will be uneventful now for singles. Those in relationships should beware infidelity from a partner. Watch what you say or do and give each other space to avoid conflicts. Wear the Amber Heart Pendant for enhanced love luck.


DOG (NorthWest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

Excellent luck arrives, courtesy of the sum-of-ten completion luck provided by the #6 Heaven Star and its attachment to the #4 Star. Work, education and love see a definite boost. Plans you started should come to fruition, profits can rise and the heavenly blessings keep coming. Display the 6 Big Smooth Coins to magnify your Heavenly luck. Student Dogs or those new in the workforce should find good mentor luck, with someone advising or even opening important doors for you.  Carry the Aventurine Pagoda Amulet for good examination luck. Display also the Clear Crystal Globe (l). Look for upward movement in careers, as your instincts and hard work pay off. Your positive enthusiasm helps attract help from co-workers or authority figures. Invite them into your circle to help boost success.

Friends should be very attracted to your energy and want to socialize with you. Single Dogs could find a special someone – don’t hide your feelings. Engagements could easily take place now. Married or committed Dogs should really feel the love, and those seeking to expand or begin a family could get a happy surprise!


BOAR (Northwest) – Luck for the Month Luck Star Rating

You’ll benefit from the #6 and #4 Stars, forming the lucky sum-of-ten for you. Heavenly blessings seem destined to come your way and things will feel almost perfect. Display the 6 Heaven Gold Coin Plaque and carry the Feng Shui Golden Fuk Luk Sau Keychain to enhance the #6 Heaven Star. Mentor luck also jumps on board, providing wise advice and help from others, applying to adults and students alike. Your clear thinking at work keeps you available to reap rewards and possibly make a move upward. Co-workers or a boss approve of your positive mood and opportunities and new assignments could flow in.  Don’t turn down assistance, and listen to advice, but also listen to your own instincts and if something doesn’t feel right, rely on your own thoughts instead.

Personal relationships go smoothly now. Single Pigs will feel like socializing and should have no shortage of potential romantic partners. If you feel like confessing feelings, do so, because you may not get the chance with this person again. Be open to matchmaking by friends or loved ones – it just might work. Married or long-term couples will remain happy, but beware boredom setting in. Do something to spice it up or increase passion, or trouble could brew. “Date” again, with each other. We suggest placing a Bejeweled Double Happiness with Peonies in the bedroom to further rekindle love.





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