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The Power of Crystal Balls

Citrine Crystal Ball (L) for Wealth LuckWhen the word crystal ball is mentioned, many of us conjure up visions of a gypsy woman with dangling earrings and bracelets, her dark curls wrapped in a bright scarf, and staring intently into a clear crystal sphere trying to divine your future. Of course, this is merely the common belief in the use of crystal balls. Today, the many uses of crystal balls, both facetted and smooth, clear or opaque, is found in Gypsy Divination, Transcendental Meditation, Buddhist rituals, Feng Shui practices and Wicca.

Each different type of crystal, besides lending its strong Earth energy to enhance Feng Shui elements, also aides with a special type of positive energy to help you overcome the challenges that lay before you. For example, Rose Quartz is used to enhance love luck, Citrine for wealth luck, Tiger's Eye for career and etc. Crystal balls have been well revered since ancient times in cultures across the world as helpful to increasing knowledge, presence and clear-sightedness. Invite one of these objects into your home and experience the strong earth element’s ability to take on and clear any negative energies that are holding you back.

In Feng Shui, a Crystal ball is very versatile and there are many ways in which it can be used.

  1. To help students excel in their grades, test scores and academic performance, place the crystal ball beside the student while they are working. This cure is known to be extremely effective for scholastic improvement.
  2. The clearing power of crystal balls can also be used to dispel bad energy in a room after an argument or negative event has occurred.
  3. Place the Crystal Ball in the Mountain Star #8 sector according to the Natal Chart of your home. This will enhance popularity for the family members, as well as social and networking luck. In addition to this, family members will receive support from important people to develop in their studies or career.
  4. In rooms where fights and arguments occur, place the crystal sphere – doing so is said to create harmony, calm nerves, preventing any forms of violent outbreaks as well as tightening the bonds between everyone in the household.
  5. To improve mental performance and attract education luck, place the crystal ball in the Northeast sector of your study or family room
  6. Place a crystal ball in the Southwest corner of your living or bedroom to attract luck in romance or promote love between partners.
  7. Place a ball in the location of #8 Prosperity Star (SW in year 2016) to activate wealth and money luck.
Clear Quartz Crystal Ball (L)
Feng Shui Crystal Ball – Blue Gold Sand
Om Mani Crystal Ball with Mantra
Eight Auspicious Objects Crystal Ball
Star of David Crystal Balls
Star of David Hexagram Crystal Balls (M)
Thousand Armed Kuan Yin Crystal Ball With Lotus Stand
Red Mantra Ball with Stand

More Crystal Balls



Jade Kwan Kung Pendant with Oriental Necklace
The Kwan Kung is a very useful symbol to have especially for businessmen. He is believed to protect your establishment from embezzlement and con. He helps eliminate malignant chi and protect from competitors, providing your establishment with the chance to flourish and obtain monetary gain.
Yellow Tara Mirror for Increasing Prosperity and Abundance
Yellow Tara is the Goddess of Wealth and Abundance who is believed to have the power to increase and multiply wealth, income, assets accumulation, commercial success luck and money luck. She blesses her devotees with good fortune and financial stability.
Wishfulfilling Jewel (Blue) for Healing Energies 60mm
This soothing Blue Jewel harmoniously combines the elements of Water and Earth. Place in the North sector to help attract new opportunities at work. The colour blue is also said to be fantastic for removing sicknesses energy and obstacles to good health.
Kuan Yin with Great Compassionate Mantra Beaded Tassels
A beautiful car amulet beaded tassels featuring a hexagonal centerpiece engraved with the image of the Kuan Yin and the "Da Bei Zhou" Mantra. Da Bei Zhou is the "Great Compassion Mantra" of Guan Yin, the Bodhisattva of Compassion and Goddess of Mercy. 


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