Morganite Crystal bracelet with Pi Xiu

Morganite Crystal bracelet with Pi Xiu
Morganite Crystal bracelet with Pi Xiu
SKU: SKU4169
Weight : 60.00g ( 0.13 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 10mm beads, Lgth 6.25 inches
Material: Crystal

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Beautiful Morganite Bracelet embellished with dangling Pi Chiu and Wu Lou charm beads.

Pi Chiu, Pi Xiu or Pi Yao is a good fortune Feng Shui symbol that attracts wealth luck and offers protection while the Wu Lou represents good health luck.

With its gentle pastel-colored energy, Morganite is a stone that attunes to the Heart Chakra. Romantic and ethereal, this stone will melt your heart. Wearing Morganite with the whole heart helps evoke a sense of joy, peace and inner strength and when worn for a long periods of time, it raises your confidence and encourages warm and caring actions and thoughts. It helps attracts one's soul mate and deepening the ongoing love. Morganstone is an excellent crystal to heal emotional grief and trauma.

Also known as Rose Beryl, this stone assists us to vibrate with the power of the Divine feminine energy. This lovely crystal empowers women and enables you to feel your beauty and strength, and to realize that you can be independent of men and still feel harmony with the male energy. It also enhances respect and patience for yourself and others. This beautiful stone is known to be particularly supportive for young girls entering puberty who do not have a mother, and those having eating disorders. It also reputed to lower stress, relieve the pressure to perform, and reduce the pattern of avoidance and “running away” from situations. Morganite enhances the sense of consideration and responsibility. Perfect for adolescent girls.

Physically, Morganite is said to counter palpitations and other heart-related problems, as well as clear the lungs, treat the nervous system, and relieve stress-related illnesses.

Bracelet is elastic and will be cleansed before shipment.

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