Wealth King Gesar

Wealth King Gesar
Wealth King Gesar Wealth King Gesar Wealth King Gesar Wealth King Gesar
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Weight : 2,000.00g ( 4.41 lbs)
Dim: 5x3.5x6.125 in (13x9x15.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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King Gesar as a God of Wealth is shown in this form - dressed royal robes and seated on his mighty throne. In this form, he is able to positively influence the business person. He also wears a wealth headgear and prosperity cape and his throne is embellished with many lucky emblems. His face reflects seriousness but not anger and in his right hand, he is holding a Flaming jewels in his left hand, he is carrying a bow and arrow to capture abundance and power. It has a secret compartment to keep your wishes for good wealth written on a piece of paper.

Anyone who has a home altar could place this Wealth Gesar at that altar or on a high shelf. This allows his celestial aura to distribute good vibrations throughout the home, eliminating financial obstacles and attracting success and wealth luck throughout.  
King Gesar offers Success luck and is a great patron and protector for commercial endeavors. Invite his mighty image into a prominent location in the home or office, and display him in the NW sector if possible. This helps create heightened success energy and the opportunity for wealth and power luck. It can also influence recognition luck and respect from those around you.

If you want to, you can make tea offerings daily and chant his mantra: OM BENZA MAHA GURU MANI RATNA SIDDHI PALA HUNG.

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