Feng Shui Tai Sui Plaque

Feng Shui Tai Sui Plaque
Feng Shui Tai Sui Plaque Feng Shui Tai Sui Plaque
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Dim: 5.75x7.25x0.625 in (14.5x18.4x1.6 cm)
Material: Metal

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Chinese astrology places great emphasis on appeasing Taisui or Tai Shui, also called the Grand Duke of Jupiter or Grand Commander of the year. He is the star god of the year or the deity in charge of the current year whom you do not want to offend. Confronted, he will bring bad luck, severe loss, illness and misfortune upon you. Avoid his wrath at all cost. His direction changes every year; by finding out this direction, you can avoid confronting him directly or place necessary cure to appease him in the sector he resides. The Tai Sui takes up 15 degree of the compass.

Display this Tai Sui plaque in the afflicted sector to appease the Tai Sui and to bring good luck. It is designed with the talismanic mantra at the top and at the bottom are the images of three Pi Yao biting sword. Feng Shui followers will know that the Pi Yao is the best cure for Tai Sui affliction, besides bringing good energy, wealth luck and protection against any danger.

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