"Self-Protection" Medallion

"Self-Protection" Medallion
"Self-Protection" Medallion "Self-Protection" Medallion "Self-Protection" Medallion "Self-Protection" Medallion
SKU: SKU5234
Weight : 45.00g ( 0.10 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 1.125x0.125 in, Lgth 19.25 in (Pendant) or 4 in (Keychain) (3.5x0.3 cm, 49 or 10 cm)
Material: Metal

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This Feng Shui medallion featuring the Double Dorje symbol with wishfulfilling mantra is designed to lift your spirit essence and immunity towards negativite energy.

Harnessing the immense power of the Dakini secret amulet, wear the "Self-Protection" Medallion to attract good fortune and safeguard against all forms of dangers such as dangers from natural disasters, people with ill intentions, evil spirits, accidents, negative energies and so on. A good amulet to be worn or carried if you often travel to places prone to natural disasters such as earthquake, volcano eruptions, typhoon, hurricane and flood.

In Buddhism the Dorje is the symbol of Vajrayana, one of the three major branches of Buddhism. The dorje is a Tibetan word and also called Vajra in sanskrit, which means diamond or thunderbolt. This is because it symbolizes a tool, as hard as the diamond or as powerful as the thunderbolt, that can cut through ignorance, delusion, greed, anger and impurities of the mind. It is also believed to represent firmness of spirit and spiritual power.

Available as a Pendant or Keychain.

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