Bejeweled God of Longevity Sau

Bejeweled God of Longevity Sau
Bejeweled God of Longevity Sau Bejeweled God of Longevity Sau Bejeweled God of Longevity Sau Bejeweled God of Longevity Sau
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Material: Metal

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This absolutely bejeweled God of Longevity is shown holding a dragon staff and a peach of immortality. This gorgeous statue has a hidden compartment within its body, which can be easily open and closed with a magnetic clasp. This serves as a “wish fulfilling box”, in which the beholder inscribes their wish on a slip of paper and locks it in the compartment.

The God of Longevity (Sau Seng Kong) is the ultimate symbol of living a long, enriching, purposeful, healthy and happy life filled with many filial children, grandchildren and people whom you care and care about you. Having this auspicious figurine in your home will bless the patriarch and matriach with the luck of good health and longevity. Very well suited as a birthday gift for grandparents.

Sau is one of the three Star Deities Fuk Luk Sau. He is one of the most popular and well-known deities in Chinese history, legend and literature. Originally, he was known as the “Star of Longevity” (Shou Xing) or the “Star of the South Pole". Shou Xing occupied a very important position in star worshipping. This star was highly revered in ancient China because it is seen as a powerful might, and people always looked to it for guidance and support. It was believed that this star could control the length of a human’s life span, as well as the destiny of the nation. After centuries, Shou Xing is believed to became endowed with characteristics of a mortal, and his name changed to “Old Man on the South Pole”, “Nan-ji Xian-weng” in Chinese, which is the God of Longevity as we know today.

In Feng Shui, He can be placed in many ways to bring us his abundant blessings:

  1. To bring health luck to all family members, display the God of Longevity in the East sector of the dining room or living room. The East is the universal health and family sector based on Feng Shui Bagua formula.
  2. To protect the family elders or of the patriarch from unnatural death, place the God Longevity in their personal Tien Yi directions based on their Feng Shui Kua number.
  3. It's said that to keep the elders in the home living long, healthy and happy, you should display a figurine of the Longevity God in their bedrooms.
  4. Sau makes a great gift on Mother’s Day or Father’s Day or on their birthdays, in addition to various events involving friends and relatives alike.

*Note* Never display him in the bathroom or kitchen.

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