28 Hums Protection Wheel

28 Hums Protection Wheel
28 Hums Protection Wheel 28 Hums Protection Wheel
SKU: SKU5225
Weight : 320.00g ( 0.71 lbs)
Dim: 2.875x0.125x4.875 in (Dia. 7.5x0.3x12.5 cm)
Material: Metal

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This beautiful 28 Hums Protection Wheel is a powerful antidote to reverse negative spells, bad energy or black magic that may have been directed towards you. Anyone suffering from the actions of a jealous person or who is confronted with harmful office politics at work would find this feng shui amulet most effective. The series of sacred syllable Hums in this product will deflect all that is negative, malicious and evil. Empowered with the potent sutra at the back, it ensures the negative projectiles and hexes sent towards you will be dispelled. Ideal for those who may have enemies, who operate where the stakes are high, or those who may have offended someone unknowingly.

The 28 Hums Protection Wheel is also offer a great protection shield to shelter you from random encounter with evil forces such as during the Hungry Ghost month. It is also a Feng Shui cure for the Yearly Killing affliction from the 24 Mountain Stars.

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