What Colors will Bring Me Good Fortune in 2023?

According to Chinese metaphysical theory, colors are made up of certain frequencies, and their intensities and element affinities vary throughout the year. There are five primary color groups, each of which stands for one of the five elements: Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire. Looking at the Paht Chee chart for the year will help you decide which colors are most appropriate to wear for the year.

The Paht Chee chart forecasts an unbalanced year in 2023. This is because Fire and wood are both overrepresented on the main chart, whereas Metal and earth are noticeably absent. Therefore, to have a more well-rounded year, it would be wise to strengthen the absent elements, and a straightforward method to achieve this is to wear the colors associated with those elements.


WATER (Blue & Black) promotes GOOD ALLIES

In Rabbit year 2023, friendship and professional connections will flourish under the auspices of the Water element, symbolized by the colors blue and black. These are the Feng Shui colors to wear if you want to make a good impression in business and in life. Use these colors as often as possible if your line of work involves making and maintaining connections with other people, such as sales, marketing, event planning, or public relations.

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FIRE (Red, Orange, Purple) attracts RICHES

In 2023, the colors red, maroon, and orange, all associated with the fire element, are said to bring financial success. While wearing red is considered lucky for the first 15 days of the Chinese New Year, beyond that point, it might bring bad luck due to an excess of fire in the yearly chart. So, try to limit how often you wear these hues. A red/purple pendant or bracelet is perfectly fine but not wearing red from head to toe. Please don't overdo it with these colors in the summer, when the Fire element is at its peak.

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EARTH (Yellow, Beige) attracts RECOGNITION and AUTHORITY

Yellow and beige, which are associated with the Earth element, signify stability, making one more grounded and sensible. Yellow, representing the color of the Son of Heaven, has traditionally been considered a royal color worn by the Emperor and high-ranking court officials. Additionally, it is the color of the Yellow River, which supplies China's fields of rice and grains with much-needed life-giving water.

The Earth element promotes fame, authority, and status in 2023, bringing career-related luck. Due to its absence from the Feng Shui Paht Chee chart, you may find it hard to move up in your career.

Wearing yellows and beige activates the Earth element, which increases your chance of getting a promotion and gets you credit for the hard effort you put in. You can also enhance this element by wearing natural gemstones, Dzi beads, or crystal bracelets.

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METAL (White, Silver, Grey) attracts RESOURCES

Metal represents Resource luck in year 2023. When resources are missing, it suggests that while opportunities may be present, it will be difficult to benefit from them. Since Metal is also absent from the 2023 horoscope, increasing the wearing of the colors white and silver is beneficial. It not only aids in restoring harmony to the surrounding energies but also brings in solid backing and enough resources. Enhancing the Metal element is advantageous for business owners experiencing cash flow issues or seeking bank financing.

Strengthening your Metal element will help you receive the backing you need from your coworkers, team, and superiors in the workplace. You can also wear gold and silver jewelry to activate the Metal element, especially if blessed with lucky Feng Shui symbols or sacred syllables.

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The color green represents wood energy. In 2023, people who wear green will be more productive, creative and have better ideas. Wearing the color green might help if you're having trouble concentrating or are stuck in a creative rut. Those in positions of authority may improve their ability to plan and strategize by wearing green accessories, such as a green tie or a piece of imperial jade.

But because this year's Feng Shui chart has an abundance of Wood chi, too much green might worsen the imbalance, which can show itself in insecurity and anxiety. Instead, use green as an accent such as wearing jade charms or other green-colored stones, or wearing a green scarf or carrying a green purse as an accessory.

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