What Colors will Bring Me Good Fortune in 2022?

Chinese metaphysical science asserts that colors are made up of frequencies and have varying affinities and strengths for different years. Also, different houses have different color affinities, and different zodiac signs are more lucky when they use specific colors more. The use of colors to enhance one's luck requires a basic understanding of color compatibility as well as its resonance with each year's elements.

The five elements including Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire are represented by five main colors, and these five colors also represent the eight directions - North (Water), Northeast (Earth), Northwest (Metal), South (Fire), Southeast (Wood), Southwest (Earth), East (Wood), and West (Metal). Different colors have different effects on your home's luck depending on the its facing direction. Similarly, various colors will have different effects on you in different years based on your animal sign.

The year's Paht Chee chart (Four Pillars chart) can tell us what each of the elements symbolizes and which colors are lucky for this year. According to the 2022 chart, the year is not balanced in terms of the five elements. This is due to an abundance of Wood, whereas Metal and Fire are missing from the chart. Therefore, the major lucky element for the year 2022 is METAL, which is represented by the colors white, gold or silver, while the secondary lucky element is FIRE, which is represented by the colors red, purple and orange.


WATER (Blue & Black) improves the potential for BIG WEALTH

The colors blues and blacks represent flowing water, which is an excellent source of riches. According to the Paht Chee's evaluation, the WATER element in 2022 also represents WEALTH. So, in 2022, it is best to wear colors of black or blue to increase your fortunes.

It should be emphasized that the majority of riches luck in 2022 appears in "direct form," i.e. money from conducting business or pay from the job done. Throughout the year, "indirect wealth," such as that derived from investments, speculation, and lotteries, will play a significantly less role.

There is plenty of Water in the chart, so you shouldn't wear too many of these colors. Overusing these colors might result in a monetary loss and this applies more to the people born in the years of the Rat, Ox, Tiger and Boar. If you're going to wear a blue or black outfit, wear a colorful scarf or carry a bright bag in another color to balance the look. Add some water element by wearing some blue accessories if you are not wearing a blue/black outfit.


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FIRE (Red, Orange, Purple) brings RESOURCES AND SUPPORT

The color Red is exceptionally important in 2022 since it is absent from the year's Paht Chee chart and only appears as a hidden aspect. It's worth noting that red is the color connected with the planet MARS, and it'll offer you support and resources in 2022.

Despite the general acceptance that red is a fortunate color, caution should be used when using this color excessively. Wearing red is a good luck charm, but painting your whole home red is too much! When Fire energy becomes excessive, it can turn destructive. For example the employment of Fire energy in excess in the center and southwest areas of your house in 2022 may be dangerous. Fire chi here might help to strengthen the evil annual stars that visit the house in these two sectors.

When it comes to the Chinese New Year, marriages, and other celebrations of happiness, red is always the color of choice. Patriarchs and Matriarchs are also celebrated on their birthdays in red. Good fortune will be attracted to you at these occasions when you activate the yang chi of red.

Customers and clients are drawn to red since it's considered the most potent color for enticing them. This is why temples and restaurants often use this color.

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EARTH (Yellow, Beige, Brown) represents FRIENDSHIP & ALLIANCES in 2022

The color yellow has long been associated with the nobles of the Chinese Court. As the color of the Son of Heaven, yellow has long been seen as a symbol of power and authority in China. The emperor’s favorite color is yellow. Rice and grain fields in China also benefit greatly from the life-giving water of the Yellow River.

The Earth element signifies allies, social networds and friends in 2022. Yellow, beige and brown is the color of the Earth, and it represents stability, making one more grounded and real. Earth signifies allies and friends in 2022. Activating the color yellow this year would win friends and influence people to your side. However, avoid over strengthening Earth, because if the color yellow gets too much in 2022, you will unleash hidden rivals and competition, so be careful not to go overboard. In the main chart, there isn't any Earth, but there are three hidden Earth units, which implies that if given the chance, hidden conflicts would emerge.

Protect yourself against friends turning into enemies by carrying the Four Friends Talisman. Too much yellow might have a negative impact on those who operate in a competitive setting because it can increase rivalry from friends. Don't go to work in an all-yellow attire!

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METAL (White, Gold & Silver) brings TALENT AND INTELLIGENCE

The colors white, gold, and silver are related to the Metal element, which in 2022 will signify new talent and innovative ideas. This means that wearing more white, gold, or silver colors will increase one's creativity and talents since Metal is absent from the chart in 2022. You can also wear gold or silver jewelry and it is preferable if it comes in the shape of auspicious symbols or has sacred syllables inscribed on it.

Anyone working in an environment that requires creative thought will benefit very much from wearing white, gold, and silver. This color in 2022 also brings original thinking, allowing one to think outside the box and to come up with inspired solutions to difficult problems that otherwise seem hard to solve.

A good color to wear when you are dry of new ideas, or when you need to think on your feet, such as at interviews, or important meetings and presentations.

It's a good idea to wear white, gold, and silver if you work in a place that demands creative thinking. Those who wear it in 2022 will have the ability to come up with new ideas and come up with creative solutions to complex situations that otherwise appear impossible to solve.

When you're short on inspiration or need to improvise, like during an interview or an important meeting or presentation, this is the color to wear.

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In 2022, the Wood is the element in determining one's level of professional success and career advancement. So the color Green represents authority and recognition. 

Because the Chinese lunar new year begins before Lap Chun (the first day of spring – February 4th), as well as the abundance of Wood element in the horoscope for 2022, it is prudent to be mindful of the amount of Wood element chi you bring into your house. If your house faces East or h    as an East-facing front entrance, this is extremely crucial. Conflict will develop in the workplace and at home if there is an excess of Wood chi in the East in 2022. So, use Fire energy (Red) to exhaust Wood.

Green color should be used sparingly due to the enormous presence of Wood in the main chart. The Tiger is also represented by the Wood element in the year's chart, which, while it can be a good thing, can also be dangerous. Those who wish to trigger recognition luck this year should only use the Green color as an accent such as wearing jade charms/a> or other green-colored stones, or wearing a green scarf or carrying a green purse as an accessory.


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