Ho Tu Enhancer

Ho Tu Enhancer
Ho Tu Enhancer
SKU: SKU5393
Weight : 55.00g ( 0.12 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 1.875x0.125 in, Lgth 4.375 in (5x0.3 cm, 11 cm)
Material: Metal

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This Ho Tu Enhancer Keychain features the magical Ho Tu Square on one side and a mirror with wish-granting mantra on the other. Carry it to attract the powers of the mythical Chi Lin or Dragon Horse to help activate the highly auspicious luck of "Ho Tu". This is said to attract four types of good fortune into your life - superior intelligence, asset wealth, leadership luck and big profit luck.

The four special Ho Tu combinations are:

*The 1/6 Ho Tu – for the best of intelligence when an important decision is necessary

*The 2/7 Ho Tu to attract Asset Wealth luck in investments and net worth

*The 3/8 Ho Tu for Leadership capabilities in those with powerful positions

*The 4/9 Ho Tu to attract Big Profit Luck in a commercial endeavour.

To fully unlock the many benefits of the Ho Tu Cross, carry this Feng Shui amulet. For signs who are due to experience Ho Tu combinations in their monthly Flying Star chart this year, this item is especially meaningful.

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