Brass Four Feng Shui Celestial Animals Hanging

Brass Four Feng Shui Celestial Animals Hanging
Brass Four Feng Shui Celestial Animals Hanging Brass Four Feng Shui Celestial Animals Hanging
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Weight : 70.00g ( 0.15 lbs)
Dim: Dia. 2.375x0.08 in, 13.5 in Lgth (6x0.2 cm, 34 cm)
Material: Brass

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A beautiful Feng Shui tassels showcasing a brass coin embossed with the Four Celestial Animals: Dragon, Phoenix, Tortoise and Tiger.

The Four Celestial Animals are a representation of the four various forms of landscape that are often recognized to protect households – this idea originates from the Form School of Feng Shui. This is important because when building a house, the right landscape is essential for a balanced Feng Shui.

Dragon – Because this divine creature is a large source of luck and can create happiness, it is regarded in Feng Shui as the most potent symbol of protection. The structures of the Dragon are something that is higher in height than the house, to the left of the premises (the left from outside, when you are standing facing your front door). These higher elements can be anything from another building or house to a tree. If you cannot locate any of these structures outside your home, then you should hang a painting or display a symbol of the dragon on the inner left wall of your home to replace the outdoor structure.

Tiger – In Feng Shui, the Tiger is recognized as being able to defend the home by repressing negativities. It is also useful because with a Dragon in the home, it will balance out the power of the dragon. The structures of the Tiger, on the right side of the home, should be lower than those of the Dragon’s on the left side. Having these structures in place will offer protection from burglaries, murders and other misfortunes. If you do not have any such structure outdoor, then display a statue or image of the Tiger on your inner right wall.

Phoenix – In Feng Shui, the Phoenix is a prominent icon of success, respect, rebirth and endless possibilities. The structures of the Phoenix can be an open space, a mound of dirt or a low fence, all in the front of the home. In addition to this, infusing more red color around the front location of your home will enhance the effects of the Phoenix. If this is missing, you can place the figurine of the Phoenix here.

Tortoise – The Tortoise is seen in Feng Shui as an animal of long life, stability and support. The structures of the Tortoise are located behind the home, and it is able to protect the home from this position. Its structures can be a simple solid structure, such as a smooth hill. When an image or painting of the Tortoise is hung on the back wall of the home, the household will be blessed with all-round luck and success in all undertaken ventures.

Hanging this celestial animals charm tassels in your home or office can help to enhance the good Feng Shui  feeling. In addition, the balance between these animals will create an environment for wellbeing, wealth and achievement.

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