Colorful Crystal Liuli Mystic Knot Tassel

Colorful Crystal Liuli Mystic Knot Tassel
Colorful Crystal Liuli Mystic Knot Tassel
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Material: Glass

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This striking handmade Feng Shui Mystic Knot tassels with mystic knot is made of liuli glass which boasts beautiful mixture of colors. This multi-hued crystal glass is seeing a surge in popularity not only in Asia but also America and Europe. The procedure of creating Liuli glass is pretty similar to the age-old French glass casting technique known as "pate-de-verre". The process of creating Liuli glass is special and very difficult due to several factors with a failure rate of as high as 40%! That's why Chinese Liu Li art pieces always fetch a higher price. The instability of the molds (which is not reusable) and high firing temperatures required are the two most common reasons determining the success rate of producing a beautiful Liuli artwork. Each piece of Liuli glass is unique as the mixture of colors varies from one to the next.

The mystic knot is well known in Eastern cultures and goes by many names: never-ending knot, lucky knot, love knot. Because of its coiling overlapping lines repeating the symbol of infinity it is known as a symbol of unlimited longevity, fortune, love and health.

The knot is twined into the mystical number 8 that loops back and forth with no end. 8 is a very lucky number in China because it is a homonym with the word for fortune. In Buddhism this knot is a symbol of the enduring cycle in life, giving one the power to see beyond illness, suffering, misfortune and see success and good fortune on the other side.


Mystic Knot


A further icon of undying love because of its symbolism of endlessness the mystic knot has  many powers. It is known as a powerful love charm for bringing one great relationship luck. The mystic knot is especially potent as a good luck charm at this time because we are in the period 8 of the calendar which lasts from the years 2002-2024.

The lucky knot is known for its abilities in taming both fear and irritation. It is useful for the evening of tempers for those who are easily angered or upset as well as for offering a sense of stability and safety to those who regularly feel afraid.

Simply holding the knot and rubbing it in times of anxiety or stress will stimulate the desired relieving energies. Such an action invites mental clarity and is grounding for body and mind.

Because of the dynamic utility of the mystic knot, it is recommended to always have it close at hand. Particularly for travelers and people living abroad or away for a long time, having the knot available to reassure your safety at all times will help to repel robbers, kidnappers and any unfortunate accident that could befall you while away. 

Place the mystic knot in the sector of your living, dining or bedroom where the flying star #8 flies into to make extra special use of its added powers during the period 8 in Feng Shui calendar. This will boost the wealth luck of your whole family.

The mystic knot is a very versatile lucky charm. Here are some cures specific to the theories of feng shui bagua 8 life aspirations formula:

  1. Hang in the Southeast corner of your office, living room or main hall to improve your wealth luck.
  2. Hang in the Southwest corner or your “Nien Yen” sector if you are looking to make use of the mystic knot as a love charm and invite the affections of someone truly loving and loyal.
  3. Hang the mystic knot in the East sector of your living, dining or bedroom to make extra special use of its added powers during the period 8 in our calendar. This will benefit the overall luck of your whole family.
  4. Hang in the North corner of your place or work or living room to make use of the mystic knot in career luck for the period 8 during which it is most powerful.  
  5. Hang in the Northeast sector of your living, dining or your child’s bedroom to benefit your children’s educational luck.

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