King Gesar Window Sticker (2 pieces)

King Gesar Window Sticker (2 pieces)
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Dim: Dia. 5 in (12.7 cm)
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Many people know the legend of King Gesar, who commanded the Himalayan Mountains, in the areas of Tibet, China and beyond around eight centuries ago. Believed to be one of the manifestations of Guru Rinpoche, he is greatly respected as a protective force – a warrior king who rides in on the Wind Horse carrying weapons to oppose evil spirits who might otherwise set up obstacles, setbacks or even illness, to stand in the way of success. He is said to bless families with magnified commercial success, swift victory, fame and recognition, good fortune as well as protection from harmful energies.

Calling upon the mighty feng shui figure King Gesar of Ling can help magnify success luck and keep life running smoothly. We feel confident, content and happy when our luck runs high, and King Gesar is there to help. Stick this Sticker on the windows of your office, house or car. His mantra Om Ah Hung Benza Maha Guru Mani Radza Sarwa Siddhi Pala hung awakens his blessings. Chant it daily and imagine the good things entering your life before starting work.


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