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Jade Pi Yao with Bat Tassel

Jade Pi Yao with Bat Tassel
Jade Pi Yao with Bat Tassel Jade Pi Yao with Bat Tassel Jade Pi Yao with Bat Tassel
SKU: SKU1997 (Out of Stock)
Weight : 55.00g ( 0.12 lbs)
Dim: 1.75x1.75x0.5 in, 12 in Lgth (4.4x4.4x1.3 cm, 30 cm)
Material: Crystal

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A high quality auspicious jade charm tassels featuring good fortune symbols - a Pi Yao, a Bat and a Coin in intricate carving.

This mystical good luck creature Pi Yao is the ninth son of the Heavenly Dragon whose task is to provide the blessings of good finance and wealth. A very fascinating fact about this lucky creature is that it does not have an anus, so that, despite its never-ending appetite, things go in yet never come out. This is a unique symbolism, indicating that money will come to you but never leave. The Chinese have always admired and respected this extremely good luck symbol. Pi Yao is a very loyal creature, and will always attempt to protect rid its owners life of bad luck and replace it with wealth luck.

The Pi Yao is one of the best appeaser of the Grand Duke Jupiter. The Grand Duke Jupiter of Tai Sui is a presence in the home, which changes location every year and resides in 15 degrees of the compass. When one is directly in his path at any time, be when sitting, walking or even sleeping, confrontation with the Grand Duke will incur his wrath and cause many misfortunes.

The Bat is an influential symbol to the Chinese – this is because the sound for “bat” in the Chinese language, “fook” is similar to the word “Fuk”, which is closely related to the phrase for joy and good fortune. Contrary to Western belief, the Bat is not a symbol of darkness or evils. It has the ability to do good for its owner, attracting prosperity energy and driving away misfortune energies which could cause illness, diseases and untimely death.

Jade is the most beloved gemstone of the Chinese. Recorded history has shown that this stone has been used as jewelry since 5000 years ago! It's also known as the 'stone of heaven' or 'noble stone' and was held higher in value than gold in olden times. Jade was a symbol of rank, power and wealth for kings, emperors and noblemen. Confucius mentioned that jade contained and reflected human virtues like durability, purity, serenity and radiance. To many Chinese, jade has magical protective powers that keep the wearer from harm. Considered to be the ultimate Feng Shui crystal, jade charms are said to bring harmony, attract good luck and friendship and promotes self-sufficiency. It also increases nurturing and love that can be used to harmonize dysfunctional relationships. Mentally, jade helps discard negative thoughts and soothes the mind as well as stimulates ideas.

Here are some Feng Shui tips on how to make the best out of this lucky charm:

1) Individuals with horoscope signs who are in direct or indirect conflict with “Tai Sui” should place the Pi Yao in the area where the annual Grand Duke Jupiter lives, as well as carry a Pi Yao amulet at all times. This is an incredibly potent lucky charm that will assist in appeasing the Grand Duke Jupiter, eliminating any bad luck or negative energy.

2) For people especially businessmen who often embark on long journeys, it is best to constantly wear or carry a Pi Yao amulet. This is said to serve as protection from injuries and accidents, and guarantee victorious voyages with many business opportunities. In addition to this, the Pi Yao will capture good fortune in its stomach, and keep evil intentions (from both spirits and people) at bay.

3) To safeguard yourself from malicious spirits, people with bad intentions and bad luck, and to replace it all with good fortune, you should either keep this good luck charm on you or beside you as much as possible.

4) This lucky charm is a favorite among gamblers and investors who often dab their luck in the casino, stock market, lottery, horse racing, football betting or mahjong games.

5) To summon success and good fortune into your work place, hang this good luck charm from the wall of your office, preferably in an area behind where you sit.

6) This charm can be displayed from the walls in many areas of your home, such as the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen or library. It can also be hung in the car.

7) To draw positive chi and wealth luck in your home or office, hang this lucky charm in your main hall or beside your front door – this will augment your current affluence, as well as encourage you to climb up the career ladder.

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