Jade Peach, Bat and Ruyi Pendant

Jade Peach, Bat and Ruyi Pendant
Jade Peach, Bat and Ruyi Pendant Jade Peach, Bat and Ruyi Pendant
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Dim: 1x1.5x0.25 in, Lgth 20 - 28 in (2.5x3.8x0.6 cm, 50-71 cm)
Material: Crystal

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Beautiful hand-carved high-quality jade pendant showcasing the Feng Shui symbols of a peach, a bat and a ruyi.

Since ancient times, the Peach has been a potent symbol of longevity, wellbeing and everlasting life. It is an immortality symbol from the heavens, and also promises the beholder luck in the sense of wealth and affluence. This fruit is seen as an immortality granting fruit and a symbol of longevity, believed to provide the beholder with a long and healthy life. Also, the symbol of Peach will protect from any accidents or untimely deaths.

The Ruyi is a very useful symbol to wear when one is in search of greater authority or wishes to be promoted to a higher position in their career. Wearing this Ru Yi jade charm is said to create a unique chi, which will have the ability to increase career luck, generate respect and recognition, and create a smooth flow in all business ventures embarked upon. Because it looks like Ling Zhi, the fungus of immortality, the Ruyi is also believed to bring longevity luck.


Bat, Peach and Coins


The Bat is a powerful symbol to the Chinese – this is because the sound for “bat” in the Chinese language, “fook” is similar to the word “Fuk”, which is closely related to the phrase for joy and good fortune. Contrary to Western belief, the Bat is not a symbol of darkness or evils. It is believed to have the ability to do good for its owner, attracting prosperity energy and driving away misfortune energies which could cause illness, diseases and untimely death.

Jade is the most beloved gemstone of the Chinese. Recorded history has shown that this stone has been used as jewelry since 5000 years ago! It's also known as the 'stone of heaven' or 'noble stone' and was held higher in value than gold in olden times. Jade was a symbol of rank, power and wealth for kings, emperors and noblemen. Confucius mentioned that jade contained and reflected human virtues like durability, purity, serenity and radiance. To many Chinese, jade has magical protective powers that keep the wearer from harm. Considered to be the ultimate Feng Shui crystal, jade charms are said to bring harmony, attract good luck and friendship and promotes self-sufficiency. It also increases nurturing and love that can be used to harmonize dysfunctional relationships. Mentally, jade helps discard negative thoughts and soothes the mind as well as stimulates ideas.

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